To Melih....

Is it going to be “Wishilist topic for offices in my country” ? 88)

we would like to have representation in every country! Everyone needs Comodo.

Don’t forget us down here.

Surely Comodo can cover the expenses. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to work right opposite the site in Salford Quays (exchange quay) , pretty sure they only do certs there though :azn:
Nice offices mind, the Quays is a cool place with some really modern buildings…


Yes…quite nice area really…but I am glad i am in sunny NJ now :slight_smile: (compared to Manchester).

man!!! now i have to re-install comodo IS again after reading those replies ;D

here i come comodo again but pls fix that update bug :-*

This is probably one of the ebsts forums out there. Nice job Melih and the comodo team.

Thank you Andrei1997, really appreciate the support and kind words.