To Melih....

This isn’t as much a confession as much as it is a thanks. I have been to my share of forums in my time and I can honestly say that this is the first legitimate “company” that I can expect the CEO of said “company” to actually participate in said forum :-TU. Most people do not believe this when I tell them. Also, you have a great forum with great mods and I have seen cross-posted threads on different security sites where they weren’t given the time of day but where here they were treated with the respect they deserved and their question answered. I have seen your videos and read your statements on this forum and I can honestly say that whether or not I agree with every thing you say (which I don’t necessarily do ;)) I can see a definite rebellious streak in you :wink: and the whole COMODO idea that I can identify with. You and all of your staff members run against the collective “grain” and I think that’s what it takes to make a mark in this day and age, not only in the computer world but in any facet of business. I post my fare share of agreements and otherwise (trust me ;D) on this forum but as a whole I salute you and your team :-TU for throwing caution to the wind and being different! You offer FREE (top notch) security to many who couldn’t afford it otherwise like my own Grandparents. I for one salute you in all honesty, please keep it up! ;D ;D ;D

PS: Anyone else who cares to add to this please do!

Thank you very much Watasha, really appreciate it.


No problem Meliih, I just figured that we users gave you and the staff your fare share of grief so an ATTABOY! was due here and there. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thanks for replying btw. ;D

I’ll second the motion. I couldn’t agree more with Watasha with how impressed I have been with all the Comodo products that i am using. It is the best “free” virus-internet security on the market. ( I have signed up for the pro version and intend to keep it. I also have been recommending it to do-workers and friends. We use Norton at the office and it is terrible. Our computers are running slower than ever and it is always after we update our Norton products.
Watasha is right in saying how strange it is to see the CEO participating as much as you do in the forum. It shows your commitment to your company… something that is sorely lacking in Wall street and the business world today.
Keep up the good work and look forward to trying other services from Comodo. :-TU

Thank you Newdeacon. we really appreciate your words.


We use Norton at the office and it is terrible. Our computers are running slower than ever and it is always after we update our Norton products.
Most likely, (there are execptions) It's because the IT department is lazy (Again, there are exceptions)

One thing I learned is there’ll never do any major upgrading on “Friday”. Because if something screws up, they’ll be there all night on friday. Or have to show up saturday morning. They don’t want that

Couldn’t say more or less than what Watasha said ! Great team with a great helping community !

And to give an example, just earlier when I’ve tried to update the virus db, I’ve noticed that there haven’t been any updates for the past 24 hours so… I started to worry and loged in to express my concern !
So after 10 minutes or so… BAM, comes umesh and replies that there were some maintenance updates to the update servers and the updates will be live shortly !

Now how can you not like/love that promptitude from the team !!!

Great job Comodo, keep it up ! thx

Watasha has said exactly what i have been thinking. I could not have said it better myself!
Melih and Comodo deserves an ovation (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Thank you guys, your words mean the world to us!

thank you


Truly Mr. Melih,

Thanks for the Great team you have and nice leadership.

Wish you all the best


comodo is GREAT! I would like if comodo AV has more options (make something similar to Avast; avast has alot of settings which i find quite good).

the beta version of CIS works super! YOU are great!

Melih is the CEO?

WOW that’s really amazing to see a CEO on a forum, LOL…

As I said before, people’s mouths hit the floor when I show them this. This is the main reason I began using Comodo products. CIS 5 proves (once again) that this company truly listens to their users. I made a comment about the possibility of cloud AV right after V4 came out, while I’m certainly not presumptuous to think my comment made the cloud appear in V5, my comment as well as many others of the same opinion were heard. CIS 5 actually converted a friend of mine tonight, he’s uninstalling Defender Pro and going with CIS (he can’t believe it’s free!). This company is on the right track and the sky is the limit. I for one am happy to be along for the ride. ;D

Thank you for your support and kind words guys!

Our weapon is Innovation and our Users! its a lethal combination that our competitors are sure to feel :wink:


Really guyz CIS 5 indeed is an excellent product though needs little more polishing and as Melih has mentioned in few threads in the forum here wait n watch more surprises are there which will improve the protection n usability more in an already improved product which according to me has improved on usabilty to 90% with CIS 5 so 10% remain and this we will achieve through further improvements & additions which are coming soon…

Sorry no punctuations commas full stops nothing :slight_smile:

CIS 5 I am just loving it :-*

Thanxx Melih for a wonderful product for free :a0


i really wish i knew enough to work for comodo. it would be an honor to work for such a great company that makes so much great software. you guys make so much products for security. i don’t know of a company that makes so much to cover all the bases that you guys cover. while i do study security, malware and just technology in general i know i don’t have enough knowledge to work for comodo but i do wish i did or could afford to go to college and learn what i need to to learn and more to help make comodo better. i try and promote comodo a lot and all my family that has a computer uses it. my family has yet to get infected. the only thing we get is the tracking cookies that superantispyware likes to detect and nit pick on. other than that nothing. you guys are great. i hope one day comodo becomes synonymous with computer and internet security and becomes THE house hold name for security. keep up the outstanding work. i can’t wait til CCE is out of beta and DACS is integrated into CIS. those things are going to revolutionize the security world and make the job super easy for malware killers like mrizos from youtube

Thanks Comodo. I agree that CIS could be polished,improved and even changed here and there it is not perfect, but not to much in this world doesn’t have some flaws. Imo it is still a grand product that deserves grand recognition. I would just like to join in with the thankyou notes and say a big thanks to Melih for sharing his time with us, and for being a major part of making mighty fine free products for us to use. Great products guys/girls, and totally free of nag screens and advertising saying I want your money. Comodo is most definately family orientated and because of this we have just a little more money to spend on our own families. Thanks Melih, Thanks Comodo and Thanks to Watasha for starting such an appreciative topic.
Kind regards.

Thank you guys!
Really appreciate your support!

It is this kind of support that makes Comodo who we are and it is this kind of support that helps secure millions of users!


Hello Mr. Melih. Is it true that the company plans to open Comodo representative office in Russia?