To Melih....

Yahoo!!! Ye baby, ye. Touch me, touch me. Melih is superman. Melih is Comodo Hero. I love Comodo. :love:

And you can find out the date (at least approximate) the representative office in Russia?

What are “representative offices”?

A little bit of exaggeration here…just kidding :a0

Universe would be exaggeration…world is ok :slight_smile:

Hi Melih!
Sorry for my English, I’m not very good at them.
I saw that may soon open a representative office in Russia. If this is true, then maybe you need our help. We have already translated into Russian some of your blogs. Many people have expressed their gratitude for this. Just now we are engaged in translation of the FAQ. Do you need our translations, if representative office will be opened in Russia?

P.S. Besides the participation in the forum we have created a small page of Comodo in Later, we began working with one of the major antivirus sites (, which is why the number of downloads CIS has grown several times.
We really like Comodo products and your ideology, and therefore we are interested in further promotion of Comodo in Russia.
Thank you! =)

the office we will setup will be small initially, so we will always need your help and grateful for it.

we need the spread the word and protect many who can’t afford to pay, so please continue to great work you are doing and spread the word Pajalusta :slight_smile:


Hi Melih, an office in germany would be great too :wink: my experiences says that more and more users in germany trust the products of Comodo.

So, maybe an german office, with an german live Support (german GeekBuddy) would be great for the future.

Here are 80 Million people and many companies who need your software and your support! ;D Is something in planning for that?

best regards and keep up your great work!

ich liebe dich mr Richter :slight_smile:

indeed, we have plans for Europe and Germany is right in the center of it…watch this space.


I see you know german Melih. :slight_smile:

Hehe ;D ich liebe Dich auch Melih! :slight_smile: I do enjoy it! :wink: hehe

Sounds great. Nice to hear that Comodo wants grow up more and more! Thank you for the info!

If i can help for that, i will do it :slight_smile:


Melih, no te olvides de los Hispanos!

Cuando traerás oficinas a Centro América, en El Salvador, u otro país de Latino América?


¿cómo puedo olvidar a nuestros amigos hispanos!

siempre amigos en directo!


Any plans soon for an office in Latin America?

not in the short term…but medium term…

I guess that in few years comodo will open an office in almost every European country like other big companies.

one of these days I will fly to NY and go see the comodo headquarters and meet everyone. Can’t wait to meet Melih, Egemen, Umesh and everyone.

you are welcome anytime ! :slight_smile:

Will you make one in sweden or in Scandinavia?

Med Vänliga Hälsningar,
Valentin N