This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to asupported browser [merged topic]

All of my google services(docs, gmail, maps, etc.) say this: This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi and welcome octavio113,
Sorry to hear you are having these issues.
Comodo plans to update the browsers in the very near future and it is also expected that there will be less delay’s with future updates thereafter.

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thank you. I was afraid i would have to switch to a new browser. Glad to know that I won’t have to.

You are welcome, yes we are all eagerly waiting for the updates to continue. :-TU


Hello, I am a new member to this forum and so I may have posted my question in the wrong place.
But here it is…I have been using Comodo Browser for at least 8 months now and everything was fine until today.
All of a sudden when I go to my GMail account I get a pop up notice that says…
This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser.

Question: How can I fix this? I hate using the Chrome Browser and would much rather keep using Comodo Browser.

What Comodo browser are you using? Comodo Dragon or Comodo IceDragon?

I am using Opera 12.17 and when I go to Google Docs I always a similar message. When they say is no longer supported it means gmail is no longer tested against that browser. It’s their way of saying that if things aren’t working like they should then… bla bla Gmail may still work though.

From another similar topic:

I am using the latest version of Comodo Dragon Browser on Windows 7. So, you think I should just ignore that annoying pop up notice and not worry about it?
It does not happen when I use Internet Explorer.

I would ignore it and just see how gmail works for you. It’s what I do when using Opera 12.17 on Google Docs. You’re in no danger. The worst thing that could happen is that one or two things might not work as expected. Just work with it and find out. :slight_smile:

I’m getting the same message, I just dismiss it, everything still seems to work ok.

I just started getting this message from Gmail today; I’ve been getting it for two or three days from And I notice that while CD seems to be built upon Chrome 33, Chrome itself is out to 38 in a stable version and 39 and 40 in beta. I guess we ignore the protests from Gmail and other sites until CD just stops working there? When do the gurus decide it’s time to update CD?

Hi and welcome kgm4714,

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It seems Google decided to tighten the spying noose around their uses’ neck and there is no more room for Chromium-based browsers with enhanced privacy. From now on, the only “supported” Chromium-based browser would be their official version of Chrome. All other Chromium-based browsers like Dragon, Iron, Torch, etc. (which have seen a resurgence since Snowden, who just said if you value your privacy, just avoid all Google products) are out of luck.

In their “help” page for this issue, Google states:

“If you’re using a supported browser, but see a message in Gmail that your browser is unsupported, you may be using an extension that interferes with browser detection. Try disabling your browser extensions to resolve the problem.”

So it looks like a possible solution would be for Comodo Dragon to trick Google into believing it is Chrome… but of course, this would be the end to Comodo’s lucrative browser referral business, if it identifies itself as Chrome, Comodo would make no money.

Everytime I log in to my gmail I get a notice at the top of the page that the browser i’m using is not supported…Is this true or am i being scammed into downloading Chrome again …Anybody??..and if it is true when are you planing to fix this issue???SEE ATTACHED PHOTO

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I merged your topic with two others about this phenomenon. In the above you will find views and opinions.

For me as a long term Opera user this is just another case of browser sniffing.

And as usual, Google help, like Microsoft help, is much, much less than, IYKWIM.

Using the current Comodo Dragon, version, the gmail page showed the message:

This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser.

The next version of CD should be released next week. Just be patient a little longer.

That’s where my mind is as well. It could be an issue with just browser version.

It seems you have not looked at Dragon’s UA-string. :wink: