There goes my laptop

I have no idea what in the world happened. I restarted my computer, and then CTM came up and when i tried to restore, it said something like “Not enough memory to create a restore point” and shut back down. When i click the exit button, the computer freezes. I had to cover the current Windows version up with another one. Sorry if i sound disrespectful, but, you guys really need to fix this.

Which was the version that find the bug?

If it was 2.8.155286.178 post here or here the bug with the required information and someone will assist you.

Hi jerenator69 :

Do not worry, CTM provided a interface as “Compact” to solve it. First, you can press “HOME” key to entry subsystem during the system startup, and then select “Compact” to do it.

But if the space of protected volumes is “really” full, that is to say the disk space is used 100%, you have to delete some snapshots during do the “Compact”, or uninstall CTM in subsystem.

BTW: It is better to move “Paging file”, “My Documents”, “Desktop”, “Temp” and IE “Temporary Internet Files” folder location path to a unprotected partition before installation. To do this can make the protected partitions more “stable”, and we will add this feature in the future release.