The development of CTM

In next version I’ll have the pleasure to use again my beloved CTM with a SSD with TRIM?

I’m out of CTM right now… Maybe in the future. Thanks.

Why can’t you reveal more?

They usually don’t reveal anything… just promises…

Considering what CTM does for you I don’t think 4-5 minutes restoring a snapshot is a problem vs spending Several hours re-installing Windows and not to mention all your software’s, that takes hours and hours. As for taking a few minutes -vs- seconds maybe it does a better more complete job restoring snapshots. I say this having been in the PC repair business for over 15 years now. I tried the 2.9 today after fighting the 2.8 install on my 64 bit and it worked well NO PROBLEMS so far :o
As for me personally I cant possibly see the need for"hundreds of snapshots as I clean out all but 8 or 10 anyway. For me 2.9 WORKS! -vs- 2.8 not working on my 64 bit!
Thanks Comodo ! ;D

Sure, but it is taking 30-45 minutes! And with version 2.8 it takes much less…
Is the technology change (for worse) what bores me.

Is the technology change (for worse) what bores me.
Besides, the use of free space is much much worse now than before…

Oh I see , my changes are only taking 3-5 mins. Maybe your computer needs cleaning up on the registry or it could have a virus unless its just an older slower PC. 88)

For sure I know what is happening…
The baseline reset takes 3 minutes. The snapshot restoration on version 2.9 takes 30-45 minutes.

Well for me the snapshot restoration (v-2.9) is taking 4-5 minutes I have yet to revert back to baseline
(I got VIsta 64 bit)

New results!
After all the fast previous rollbacks I tried it today extensively - It took almost 3 hours to rollback 5 of my snapshots! IT IS SLOWER NOW than it was at 1st. YES Comodo has some more work to do but at least it works on my 64 bit machine tho. I have not had any problems other than that and I commend Comodo peeps for working ■■■■■■■ it.

I did find a 24 hour sale on 12\2 for Rollback Rx for 65% off so I bought it for my Personal PC and WOW! If Comodo ever gets this good WITH CTM - LOOK OUT!

If it helps any Comodo Engineers, ROLLBACK Rx works with bitmaps imaging so maybe buy a copy and analyze it ;D I love CTM and hope it gets better fast! I would even pay for it by the way but I would not have paid 70.00 for Rollback Rx, I got it for 24.95 +10.00 for lifetime updates.

I think CTM when it works well could get lots of folks to pay 20- 30 bucks :o

CTM will be always free
so if you wan to pay anyway try the comodo online backup, even if you dont need it
buy it to support comodo ;D

I didn’t even realize v2.9 was out but came over here to ask about v2.8 and “even deleted and defraged” snapshots eating disk space. My routine has always been to uninstall monthly, defrag and image with Paragon and then reinstall CTM. The past few months I’ve notice that my used space just keeps on creeping up and although I image morning and night, I never retain more than about four snapshots and always run the CTM defrager with snapshot deletions. I was about to unintsall and defrag and reinstall CTM (but not image with Paragon today) when I decided to post about this. At least restores with v2.8 are still quick.
edit: I just reduced my snapshots to two (from four) and all my normal space is back! Went from 47gb to 25. Four always used to be around 29 to 31.

I love CTM and have not had any problems in several week of using it. Having said that I did uninstall it for fear I would have a problem. I noticed my boot speed really increased once removed. But I can live with that if I were confident the program were stable.

Like others, I’d gladly pay some cash for a solid non-risky version.

Please post your results to my poll question thread: How many have not had problems (and other options to choose).

Try Clonezilla Live. You download it as an ISO file, burn it to a CD-R. Now you have a bootable CD-R. It contains the entire Clonezilla product, and runs on the “bare metal” of your machine. It has an easy-to-use menu system, and the “beginner mode” makes it pretty idiot-proof. It images partitions or entire drives (for example, your entire internal boot drive!) to anywhere (network drives, or external USB HDs). It only images used blocks, and GZIP-compresses the image files automatically.

In routine usage, you just do this:

  1. Reboot your PC from the CD-R, Clonezilla Live starts.
  2. Using the easy menu system, select what partition(s) or whole drive you want to image.
  3. Select a destination for the image files (e.g. USB external HD, network drive, etc.)
  4. The imaging happens.
  5. Remove the CD-R, reboot your PC. Easy!

To restore, it’s pretty much the same, except you choose to restore an image instead of making one.

Unlike CTM, it allows imaging to external drives/media (not just to the same drive you’re trying to protect!), runs independent of that drive (right off its bootable CD-R), and therefore can easily recover from ANYTHING bad that happens to your boot drive, from a serious malware infestation (that would’ve disabled CTM) to a complete hard drive hardware failure. Also, because it never writes a single thing to your internal drive (unless you tell it to do a restore, of course), there’s zero risk of causing harm to it! No MBR modifications, no hooks into the reboot process, nothing else sketchy and dangerous like that. No changes AT ALL, not even a single byte. Totally non-invasive protection of your boot drive (or any other drive) that lets you recover from ANY mode of failure it may experience, even total hardware death.

If you’re frustrated with CTM, you may want to consider trying it. I love it.

That said, Comodo generally makes great products, and CTM does serve a slightly different purpose than Clonezilla Live, but the purposes are close enough that I thought I’d mention it. Hopefully future CTM releases will be better and better!

Interesting. Sounds similar to Partition Wizard’s free programs and Boot disk you can create and even easily rebuild your MBR. I downloaded it and made the CD in case, but fortunately never used it. Then there’s Testdisk–which sounds more complicated than I’m interested in.

Clonezilla sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. I currently use Acronis, but what I liked about CMT was the ability to not have to go get my external HDD to restore or go back in time. Sounds like a good idea that’s not ready for prime time.

Clonezilla is an image backup tool.
CTM is an advanced system restore tool.
The technologies are completely different.

Just one con against Clonezilla… The ugly and poor interface… C’mon, we can do it better.