The development of CTM

Something has changed…

  1. In the technology. Since version 2.6 to 2.8 and now 2.9, I can see a performance degradation. Light, but perceptible. Not exactly on computer usage but rather in slow, very slow, restoring snapshots tasks. The “restore in seconds” is history now :cry:

  2. Other very unbelievable sad point is the disk usage. On version 2.6 and 2.8 we can see hundreds of snapshots. Now, the intensive use of CTM (like an hourly snapshot) takes all the free disk space. Worse, what seems a bug, is that deleting the snapshots does not recover the space! :frowning:
    The concurrence talks about 60.000 snapshots of particular files… I can’t achieve 50 with CTM…

  3. The timeline of releases is incredible slow… There is the same beta for months! Also, the contact and feedback of the developers are almost null :-\ A lot of problematic bugs aren’t even commented by them >:( I have BSODs never explained by CTM team… Just “this will be addressed in the next version…”.

  4. Comodo seems to be interested on CTM some months ago but not anymore. Seems a abandonware product and I’m seeing the day I’ll see it in the Discontinued products board :cry:

  5. I’ve translated CTM and was deeply interested in its development. Now seems that everything is going to dead or hibernate or continue as a live-dead product. I’m frustrated with all of this.

  6. This thread seems to be dead in some days… if it receives the same treatment of the code development… I’ve defended the product in quite some forums… Now I’m regretting as it’s seems a dead product… :cry:

yup tech it doesnt seem like this program gets the backing(attention) it needs to be a great program and your right it takes a long time to restore a snapshot in the latest beta(i uninstalled).seems like everything goes into cis.

Yeah. The technology is very interesting. But the implementation is what counts here.

I understand the policy as CIS is the leader product. But the user feels disappointment about this… There is a board about “what product develop next”… They say that the development teams are independent… Why is this happening then?

What makes me think that the technology has changed is this:

In 2.8 and earlier version, rebuild MBR is equal to uninstall CTM to baseline. From 2.9, rebuild MBR is equal to uninstall CTM to current status.

Since recent months, all of Comodo products have received little to no attention.

I wonder why?

Maybe they work and don’t have time to chat?

TBH since I’ve moved to a TRIM enabled SSD I miss badly my trusty CTM. :cry:

We’re talking about development and releases not chatting…
Why so many noisy about Symantec one month ago the?

For me, yes, it’s a matter of trust now…

Well, I’ve joined the forums a long time ago but only now I’ve tried to get closer with CTM translation and the tentative to help here in forums.

I was joking about chat but not joking about CTM and TRIM. :frowning:

Sorry. I take it literally.

I haven’t tried 2.9 but from what you are saying here, sounds to me like they are getting it more in line with Eaz-Fix and RollbackRx. Both of those products exhibit the same two symptoms you describe above. I have a license and will not use their products because of what you mention.

There are other evidences of the “problems” of changing the technology.
The free space management is completely strange now.
I could take a lot of snapshots before. Now the space is quickly took by the snapshots.
Worse, deleting the snapshots does NOT recover the free space…
What’s going on?

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Exactly, the same thing happens to me when using Eaz-Fix. As of right now, I’m sticking with CTM 2.8

the same thing happens to me when using Eaz-Fix. As of right now, I'm sticking with CTM 2.8
if other companys are having these problems too, then it probably means it's going to be a time-consuming development.

Why are other companies facing the same problem?
They’ve started with the same code, but after that each one has its own… Am I wrong?
Why do they change the technology?

I’m also wondering why its been 2-4 months without an update to this GREAT program.

with Disk imaging solution I can recover my full HD in 10 minutes

but what’s going on with CTM? I’m already aware that COMODO got the source code from Horizon Datasys.
I don’t want to believe this but are the CTM team just follows EAZ-FIX family source and changing UI to this fancy CTM’s???
were they just theme maker???

CTM is BSODing my computer. Probably a conflict with some other low level driver.
But I can’t help without a dump (CTM avoids the saving of a dump).
Seems it’s time to move to another technology solution.
I’m about to give up on CTM…

Since I had a near disaster uninstalling 2.8 I have not installed it again on my new Win7x64 machine. I am waiting for information before trying it again.

A pity there is no feedback in this topic.

Yes, in 2.9, reset baseline and uninstall to current system in seconds, at the same time, the restore speed has been obviously reduced. We will improve the restore speed in the next version.

... 4) Comodo seems to be interested on CTM some months ago but not anymore. Seems a abandonware product and I'm seeing the day I'll see it in the Discontinued products board....
The CTM will continue, do not worry :)
... 3) The timeline of releases is incredible slow... ...
Yes, for some reasons, the CTM release is slower than before, I'm sorry I can not reveal more. We have no doubt this project will continue.