The best Security for my system - please help me to choose optimal configuration

Hi, (:WAV)

on last day i install few security software for my computer… now i wondering is it too much?
I need your advice and opinion.

I have using this programs:

  1. Firewall:
    • router (hardware)
    • software Comodo Firewall Professional (free) - always running (Defense+ is disable)

  2. Antivirus software:
    • Avira AntiVir PREMIUM 8 (full version) - always running
    • ThreatFire (free) - but it’s not an AV software [] - always running

  3. Spyware:
    • Spybot Search And Destroy (free) - OFF > once a week scan
    • Ad-aware 2008 se (free) - OFF > once a week scan
    • Comodo BOClean (free) - always running in system
    • Windows Defender (free) - always running in system
    • SUPERAntiSpyware (free) - OFF > scan once per month
    • Comodo Memory Firewall - always running

  4. WebBrowser:
    • Opera 9.5 (the best ^^)

It’s not to much? Should i uninstall something? The programs on this chart works great without any conflicts.

Is it good that BOClean and Windows Defender works together? It is the same software or maybe i should dont touch this below configuration?

I don’t using xxx website or torrents, i often use e-banking and secure site.

Please help me to choose optimal configuration of my computer.


IMHO - you don’t need Threat Fire - Comodo Firewall does all the things Threat Fire does, but you have D+ disabled, so it may be worth to have it :slight_smile:

Turn off Windows Defender - it’s crap ;D
Comodo BoClean is good, but you can’t run it on-demand so I think you don’t need it :slight_smile:
Other on-demand scanners are okay to have as a backup if you’re paranoid ;D


yes, i have disabled Defence+ in my Comodo Firewall Pro, so i understand that i should delete ThreatFire?

BOClean shouldn’t be still running in system? Why?
Does Windows Defender and BOClean perform the same functions? I read on this forum few opinion, users who have BOClean and they are sad it is very good and helpfull software. But maybe i dont know something and i should remove this program from my system? 88)

I’m not paranoid, to be honest i must say that i never had before so many security software on my computer :wink: O0

If you have enable D+ in Comodo Firewall - you don’t need ThreatFire. So make your choice - CFP 3 with d+ enabled and a bit more of popups or 2 programs - CFP 3 with D+ disabled and ThreatFire - this setup eats more RAM :slight_smile:
BoClean is really good, but it takes about 18-20 MB RAM and since you have Avira 8 I see little point in having both Avira and BoClean :slight_smile:
Are you using Windows Vista or Windows XP ? If you installed WindowsDefender on XP - uninstall it - it’s not worth it :slight_smile: In Vista - Windows Defender is on by default, so one way to fully get rid of it is to vLite Vista :slight_smile: At least disable schedule scans if you don’t want to mess with vLite :slight_smile:

Ok, i think i’ll stay with ThreatFire - eats not too much my RAM only ~8-9MB.
Yes, BOClean it is strange process, every 8-9 sec using CPU ~10% and in my Task Manager uses a lot of CPU time (values in minutes). RAM usage ~17-20MB.
I read this thread;msg170800 and it looks that i need BOClean, because Defense+ and ThreatFire have another functions. Really it is no sense to have BOClean when i’m using Avira Premium 8?
If i’m wrong please tell me. Now i feel twisted 88)

I have Windows XP, and i uninstall Windows Defender in old method :slight_smile:

Avira 8 and CFP 3 with D+ is all a home user needs. You turned off D+ and installed ThreatFire - okay suite yourself, but thats it. IMHO there is no need for more realtime protection. :slight_smile: You have some on-demand scanners and it’s okay too, just don’t forget to update them and scan once in a while :slight_smile:
But the most important aspect is eXPerience ;D and safe surfing habbits :wink:

You could keep all your programs if they aren’t conflicting or slowing you down, none is really redundant.

You could remove BOClean but the its protection won’t be provided by any other program IMO. I wouldn’t believe all the bad press about Windows Defender, and unlike any of your other programs (to my knowledge) it protects the registry, which is handy if you run as admin and have Defense+ disabled.

You decide what to keep and what to remove. If your computer works okay with your current configuration and you use e-banking and feel paranoid, you don’t really need to cut down on that configuration.

PS: What exactly is ThreatFire? Their webpage doesn’t say a lot about the technology it uses.

ThreatFire is a behavior blocker. It can identify malware just by it’s behavior and not by signatures. ThreatFire is like Norton AntiBot, only better and Free ;D

If it was my computer i’d take off ad-aware and Windows Defender since personally I believe BOClean is alot better then Windows Defender and ad-aware. I think Spybot is starting to get kinda old too kinda losing it’s protection. But thats just what i think. :slight_smile:

Agreed ! I also think the same :slight_smile:

Yes but that doesn’t really tell me how it really works below the hood. :slight_smile: I guess we can’t know since PC Tools say the precise technology is “patent pending” and so a trade secret. Hm I may test it once I finish all the stuff and can set up a steady restore point LOL.

i understood that i should:

  1. uninstal windows defender (done)
  2. stay with BOClean

Something else, any other advices?

Defense+ (part of CFP) does not give the same protection as ThreatFire, nor does ThreatFire give the same protection as Defense+. One gives HIPS protection (Defense+) and the other one behavioral based protection and also allows on-demand scanning for malware (ThreatFire).

So if you feel the need stick with it. I would use CFP with Defense+ activated. But it is just my opinion, of course.

I would advise you this personal security suite:

Firewall: Router/Linux system based firewall + CFP (just like you).

Anti-exploit: LinkScanner Pro or Lite (Pro version offers protection in background for the 3 main browsers - IE, Firefox and Opera, and it is a tool worth paying for.)

Anti-virus: I believe there is no need to get a paid one (unless a promotion (free promotion like some are offering now). So I would go for Avast, AVG or Avira. Personally I do not dislike AVG 8.0. As soon as CAV3 comes out, I’ll test it in heavily ways and see how it performs :wink:

Anti-malware: Comodo BoClean

Anti-spyware: Spybot Search and Destroy (I know many do not like it any longer, but it has never failed me)/ SUPERAntiSpyware

Anti-zero day threat: As said before stick with ThreatFire. (Personally I do not like PC Tools, so I would give a go to Norton Antibot (paid))

It all resumes to efficience and tastes.

Hi Creer :slight_smile:

  • Personaly I would replace Ad-Aware ( and maybe even SpyBot S&D ) by Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware as an On-Demand scanner. It’s a very promissing Anti Malware scanner that is recommended by Security Experts on several forums :

  • You could add a Hosts file as an extra layer of protection. MVPS Hosts file is a good choice :

You can manage/update your Hosts file with HostMan :

Greetz, Red.

[ at ]DarkButterfly, Defense+ and ThreatFire… it’s too much form me, i uninstall ThreatFire and set ON Defense+, and i see only Memory Access of my SetPoint.exe notice in Defense+ Events its not cool how to stop it annoying log?
Many people write here (i mean forum comodo) about problems with pop-up windows from comodo D+… i dont notice even one? I do smth wrong? My configuration D+ is set on Training Mode.

I don’t need LinkScanner because i’m using Opera 9.5 with HauteSecure + PhishTank and NetCraft (its part of opera software)

BOClean will be running in my system.

Antivirus - i have another opinion in this subject than you. I think it is not too much to spend about 62$ for 3yrs complete security of my computer. So i’ll buy Avira AntiVir Premium 8, when my free 3 month licence will be ending.

Anti-zero day - here i’m twissted :wink: i dont understand, when i have Avira with anti-spyware scanner in realtime so i stiill need TF?

[ at ]Rednose, thank you for links.
i was install Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, before i never heard about it and it is really great software :slight_smile:
I was copy HOST file to my system32 folder, thanks, i think it is better than Immunize system in Spybot Search&Destroy.

Oh and one more question… should i uninstall Comodo Memory Firewall if i have running D+?


You have D+ set on training mode so you won’t get any popups, because all actions are allowed. Set it to Clean PC Mode or even better to Safe Mode for regular day-to-day use :slight_smile:

As Commodus said the training mode is unsafe, it’s only for limited periods of time when only trusted programs will be allowed to run. At least you can browse the D+ and you’ll see every activity that has been allowed in the meantime.

Even with AntiVir Premium you’re not totally immune to zero-day threats, but you don’t need TF or anything else if you use Defense+ properly, unlike TF, CFP’s completely unbeatable if the user actions are appropriate.

I don’t think so, not sure.

No :o Despite the bugs, CMF Beta gives you a better protection than the toolbar version of CFP :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

CMF isn’t beta any longer, is it?

(Yes I’m asking, not being a smartass…) :a0

No. is a stable release :slight_smile: