TC - and what it will do for you

I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of a all in one security suite. But one which actually protects well and is not bloated junk.

But if i don’t find out soon it’ll be Total Chaos. ;D


I hope it’s not Technically Challenged


(would be the wrong firewall for the CFP janitor above me /


how about THANKS COMODO for tc . they sure deserve it

I thought about that as well :D.

maybe it’s something like “The Cult”? :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

that’s me ;D the new staff,
member (errr, the only member actually 88) of voodoo & supranatural security development team. the best defense is Prevention. 8)
you’ll need me to send spell & psychic attack to the hacker before he make a malicious program. ;D

Trust Comodo

Because it is Comodo that will help you provide

Total Control against malware

using a new service (Patent Pending) called


This is a powerful new service where we have Servers capable of collecting Attack Vectors analyse them and report back advice to end users.

Remember alerts like: Program XYZ is trying to make love to Program ABC, what do you want to do, allow, deny etc etc.

Even though V3 has reduced the number of alerts, there is still some and with this new service you will know how other people have responded to same/similar alerts. For example if you register for this service then the alert will have information like: 60 people said Allow and 2 people said Deny.

Now the alerts you get will have the statistics with it to make it easy for you. Of course this is only one simple basic benefit for the Techically Challenged! There will be many other benefits that we will release as we go along. Thanks to Comodo, security will be much easier. Pls do join The Cult of “ThreatCast”! This service is scheduled for early Feb.

thank you all!


this service will be free??

The service I explained above will be free.
There will be other stuff within this service that we have to charge for, however what i explained above is for free!


A free service of that kind?! Very interesting!


I’m just amazed of what Comodo has come up with lately; getting CFP 3 final, Memory Firewall final, CAV 3 engine soon, TrustConnect, and now even ThreatCast

I will continue to Trust Comodo, you deserve it.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Hi Melih :slight_smile:

How do I have to see TC :-\ As a stand-alone service, or a service you have to use together with CFP 3 ???

Greetz, Red.

this service reminds me of two things:

1st one: opinions from users of the FDM community (free download manager), feature I never used

2d one, more interesting: “DCC” = Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse, a service based on many servers getting a hash of each mail you receive to compare it to the ones received by others, and based on similarities, treat it or not treat it as spam. this service is integrated as option in Spamihilator for instance.

OK I’d rather wait and see, before I can say anything in favor or against ThreatCast…(already sounds like ThreatCast will have various functions from basic to more sophisticated ones…)

Its not designed as a standalone service, it’s designed to feed information back into the firewall in response to an alert from the firewall. Hopefully it will assist other Comodo apps as well.

Ewen :slight_smile:

:BNC woohooo

:BNC woohooo

You just can’t stop innovating, can you Melih? :wink:



Hope it doesn’t stand for Todo Chingado for too long.

As they say in my business, “Sounds like a plan!” ;D

Most of today’s computer users are, believe it or not, pretty ignorant creatures (sometimes those of us closer to “the scene of the crime” forget that). This is why traditional AV vendors make so much money. They prey on this ignorance. They offer a simple solution to their customers (usually runs automatically, or not at all), and as long as the customer is not bothered then “all is well.” I encounter more and more users out there who don’t give a hoot about their security. As long as the computer runs it’s okay (but, there’s hell to pay if it stops running). To make the computing world more secure there needs to be a compromise. Available education that the average user can understand about computer security, and a way to implement that security without making them have to work too hard at it. They don’t want to put forth the effort (why that is? well, there’s another topic for you). There will always be some that just will never “get it”–all you can do for them is try to educate.
I wish Comodo luck in this endevour. I will do what I can.


well this is kind of a global safelist… anyway this is promising to be great! :BNC