TC - and what it will do for you


Over the past few weeks there have been several hints dropped about TC.

We’d be interested in hearing what users think it will be.
Who knows - you may come up with a totally new idea!

Below are just some of the quotes from Melih teasing us about TC

TC is the answer for simplification.... You will see what i mean when we launch it!!!
We are going to thru patenting process now, hence we are not able to release what TC is exactly. Very soon we will be able to. Lets put it this way, its an amazing service that will make Security a breeze to use! Give us few weeks so that we can launch beta version of this service for all of us to benefit from.
I agree there should be zero popup.. thank to our Patented Clean PC mode, when the user turns their machine on, there will be ZERO popup anyway! Cos it will be a clean machine.. as they start loading software, if the software not in the safelist then it might cause popups..

however, we will solve the ZERO popup problem… the solution is called TC!!!

passing leak tests... I don't think there is an issue with cpf..

as to making it easy for users…its called

TC…(nuff said)

So far we’ve had users suggesting it is an add-on to the firewall. Others think it’s a new form of malware detection.

Well, what do you think it will be? :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

a bonus pop up from Def+ saying: " [b]T/b [b]C/b for trying me…" (:KWL)

already had that one with the BO file tester, not again! (:AGY) :SMLR

OK seriously, may be Trust Control, as Melih mentioned it a couple of times in the past, something that could verify the authenticity of a web site certificate, but I can’t see that integrated in CFP, so that must be something else…

I don’t have an idea what it is, but I’ll think “Total Coolness” if it works as Melih promises.

Or Total Clean.

It’s probably a scan process of files on the PC to check if they are in the Comodo safe list database or not, with a buildin AV/AS/AM engine scan for those who aren’t in the database. If they are not detected, they are automatically considered as safe in user safe list database, then they could be uploaded to the Comodo database for analysis… ?


for this kind of question, you need a psychic like me
TC is…ehm let me call the spirits…(spirit 1:Trash Can)… (not that one, you dumb spirit!)
i think TC is Threat Control. i think it’s a kind of advance malicious behavior analysis 88)

Possible definitions of TC so far are :

TC = Trust Control - Web site authentication (Leopard19)
TC = Total Clean - File scanning add-on for Safe List (Angelarme)
TC = Threat Control - Advanced malicious behaviour analysis (Ganda)

Keep 'em coming :wink:

TC brings together what Comodo has achieved the last few months (releasing stand alone security apps):
Total Comodo. A spider in the web that puts all Comodo applications together, and lets the user forget all about it…

Or why not something more spiritual & diffuse:
Trust Comodo. Something…


I like Trust Comodo :slight_smile:
never realised that angle


I’m freak. I like pop ups because there are programs in safe list i need doesn’t exit to the net :smiley:
I like control of “all” my installed software.

I think it couldnt be trust connect…how about trust control? trust center?

I think its a new virtualization program .

maybe some sort of security suite? Total Control?

I think now I know its trustconnect , its on the front page of the forum.

Threat Consideration/is the file on the white list or not???

TrustConnect is another different product --believe it or not. :wink:

At first I also thought of TrustConnect, but…

Possible definitions of TC so far are :

TC = Trust Control - Web site authentication (Leopard19)
TC = Total Clean - File scanning add-on for Safe List (Angelarme)
TC = Threat Control - Advanced malicious behaviour analysis (Ganda)
TC = Total Comodo - Internet Security Suite (LeoniAquila)
TC = Trust Control - ? ? ? (CPGMaster)
TC = Total Control - Internet Security Suite (Burillo)
TC = Threat Consideration - File Analysis for whitelist inclusion (riggers)
TC = ? ? ? - Virtualization software (freebird)

Be interesting to see how close anyone gets. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I think Melih must own a cat. I think he has put a toy mouse on the end of a string and teases the cat. Is this what he is doing to us?
Therefore: Tease Cat, or Tom Cat?


no cats here :slight_smile:

TC is something I really want to share with you all, but I can’t until we have finalised the patent filings on it.

by end of this week, we will know when we can launch it. then i will let you all know.

But this will make Security easy! Even for novices! Of course not to mention the other new innovation that Egemen mentioned that would make it even easier!!

Our goal was to first build the platform for protection. Now, I believe we have achieved that. Next stage is how to make it more usable, easier and acceptable to even the most novice user. That is where the focus is right now with us and TC and some other innovations you will see we will achieve that.


well, lol…thanks for the hint :smiley:
and THanks for the update :BNC cant wait