TC - and what it will do for you

I think its a new virtualization program .

maybe some sort of security suite? Total Control?

I think now I know its trustconnect , its on the front page of the forum.

Threat Consideration/is the file on the white list or not???

TrustConnect is another different product --believe it or not. :wink:

At first I also thought of TrustConnect, but…

Possible definitions of TC so far are :

TC = Trust Control - Web site authentication (Leopard19)
TC = Total Clean - File scanning add-on for Safe List (Angelarme)
TC = Threat Control - Advanced malicious behaviour analysis (Ganda)
TC = Total Comodo - Internet Security Suite (LeoniAquila)
TC = Trust Control - ? ? ? (CPGMaster)
TC = Total Control - Internet Security Suite (Burillo)
TC = Threat Consideration - File Analysis for whitelist inclusion (riggers)
TC = ? ? ? - Virtualization software (freebird)

Be interesting to see how close anyone gets. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I think Melih must own a cat. I think he has put a toy mouse on the end of a string and teases the cat. Is this what he is doing to us?
Therefore: Tease Cat, or Tom Cat?


no cats here :slight_smile:

TC is something I really want to share with you all, but I can’t until we have finalised the patent filings on it.

by end of this week, we will know when we can launch it. then i will let you all know.

But this will make Security easy! Even for novices! Of course not to mention the other new innovation that Egemen mentioned that would make it even easier!!

Our goal was to first build the platform for protection. Now, I believe we have achieved that. Next stage is how to make it more usable, easier and acceptable to even the most novice user. That is where the focus is right now with us and TC and some other innovations you will see we will achieve that.


well, lol…thanks for the hint :smiley:
and THanks for the update :BNC cant wait

I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of a all in one security suite. But one which actually protects well and is not bloated junk.

But if i don’t find out soon it’ll be Total Chaos. ;D


I hope it’s not Technically Challenged


(would be the wrong firewall for the CFP janitor above me /


how about THANKS COMODO for tc . they sure deserve it

I thought about that as well :D.

maybe it’s something like “The Cult”? :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

that’s me ;D the new staff,
member (errr, the only member actually 88) of voodoo & supranatural security development team. the best defense is Prevention. 8)
you’ll need me to send spell & psychic attack to the hacker before he make a malicious program. ;D

Trust Comodo

Because it is Comodo that will help you provide

Total Control against malware

using a new service (Patent Pending) called


This is a powerful new service where we have Servers capable of collecting Attack Vectors analyse them and report back advice to end users.

Remember alerts like: Program XYZ is trying to make love to Program ABC, what do you want to do, allow, deny etc etc.

Even though V3 has reduced the number of alerts, there is still some and with this new service you will know how other people have responded to same/similar alerts. For example if you register for this service then the alert will have information like: 60 people said Allow and 2 people said Deny.

Now the alerts you get will have the statistics with it to make it easy for you. Of course this is only one simple basic benefit for the Techically Challenged! There will be many other benefits that we will release as we go along. Thanks to Comodo, security will be much easier. Pls do join The Cult of “ThreatCast”! This service is scheduled for early Feb.

thank you all!


this service will be free??

The service I explained above will be free.
There will be other stuff within this service that we have to charge for, however what i explained above is for free!