SUPERAntiSpyware 4.2 Pre-Release is now available for testing.

Interface and Functionality Changes

  • Enhanced diagnostic interface and submissions
  • Resolved rare issue where update would not be allowed if interface was open
  • Resolved/Improved various interface issues/text

Technology Changes

  • Over 50 technology additions to the scanning engine - new definitions being created to take advantage of this new format - this will GREATLY increase detection for new threats
  • Enhanced DDA (Direct Disk Access) and improved compatibility with various NTFS formats
  • Enhanced detection of rootkits
  • Enhanced Process Interrogation Technology
  • Enhanced Multi-Dimensional Scanning to handle various packed formats
  • Enhanced detection of hidden registry keys
  • Improved performance of the First Chance Prevention (Coming Soon for Vista)
  • Scanning speed increase under certain conditions

Important : You MUST uninstall any previous version before installing this version. SUPERAntiSpyware Professional users, your existing registration code works with the pre-release.

Use this tool to uninstall:

Please keep the discussions for this pre-release on the SUPERAntiSpyware forums.

If you are interested in testing please PM me - the links need to remain private. (You need to be registered on the forum to view this topic, This displays the info above).


This looks interesting

this will GREATLY increase detection for new threats

all the rest also is about detection and faster scanning, I’m very interested in this one :slight_smile:


Now live.


I’ve still got version 4.0.1154, can I update to 4.2 from the software or do I have to uninstall and download/install 4.2?

It’s a pre-beta so I think uninstaller - installing


It’s not a beta or alpha at all. SAS Team do their own internal alpha, beta testing, etc. This is more of a RC. It is very stable.

Yes, You need to uninstall & install the new pre-release.


do you have to use their uninstaller? have to do it in safe mode or shut down active processes before using it?

I think it’s the best you use there uninstaller. I donno of safe mode or not. I think normal mode will do…


There is no active process unless your using the Pro version. Just uninstall the old and install the new.

You will need to use the uninstaller on the pre-release page if you want to uninstall the pre.


The final version is out now!!! I saw it last night and they had a one night only deal where you can get the pro lifetime license for $19.95, so I brought it. :slight_smile: I figured I would help support them for that. :stuck_out_tongue: I can use real-time protection now, which is nice.

This topic will now live on as the discussion topic of SuperAntispyware and not only the pre-release version…


I think SUPERAntiSpyware is the DEVIL!

My OLD version of SAS is Automatically replaced with 4.2 during updating!


Yes, Version 4.20.1046 is now live on SAS’s web site.


just updated to 4.20

is it me or does the SAS website look like a spyware site? idk…i always though it looked like one. :smiley:


Sounds nice, maybe I will try as well.

4.20 is a good release. The new technologies introduced is promising.


SAS fared very well in this comparison test by Gizmo so it’s safe to assume the latest version will be even better.

updated to 4.21.1004

4.21.1004 Technology Changes

* Reboot when cookies are detected in certain cases resolved, reboot is no longer required
* Enhanced DDA (Direct Disk Access) and improved compatibility with various NTFS formats
* New Vundo Extraction Technology (VET)
* Improved Rootkit Detection
* Improved Trace Detection and Removal