Strange and terrible bug

Hello everyone:
I encountered a terrible bug -I exported the password in the Edge browser to the CSV file. But as long as this file is scanned, Comodo will upload my password file to the cloud.
I recorded a GIF. In GIF, I first cleared the file upload list, and then scanned the file manually. After scanning, I found that the file has returned to the upload list.
It seems to upload my course table before

My CIS version is, which has been updated to the latest version.

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I have some questions to ask Comodo: Will the uploaded files be seen by Comodo employees? Will these files be automatically deleted?

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Now I’m scared because of what you said.
I scanned my entire HDD, maybe the files went to COMODO and they are seeing my files.
Someone has to come and talk about this because not only is one person who has already talked about it here on the forum.

I don’t see any evidence that csv file that was submitted is an actual text file.

All this activity last week looks like a bad PR campain against Comodo.

Yes Xcitium Employees rate files either good or bad if its bad its deleted

It looks like so… Again on this example the file was submitted manually and then user cleared the manually submitted file list.


CIS Beta (or any other CIS version) doesn’t send any non-PE files including personal information (word, pdf, txt etc) unless you “manually” send.

Please refer to this post: