still asking : is cis ready for average users ?

You can wonder if it’s ready, when you see such “tests” : Comodo Internet Security Version 5 2011 Vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Part 1 - YouTube

this guy thinks he is infected because mbam and hitman pro find malwares in temp files…

it’s stupid … but what would an average user think ? The same thing :“cis sucks” !

I think CIS should definitly clean those malware pieces in the cache and temp folders when it cleans a malware file. :P0l Even if they’re not dangerous …

If the average user would read the comments by viewers he might as well start to think differently.

The catch will cleaning the temp files is that we and Malwarebytes knows it is malware and CIS apparently not. It only sanboxed unknown files. If that would be the standard behaviour regular programs that run sandboxed would get damaged.

I don’t know about the scenario you present but in terms of usability for the average user, I think V5 has made huge strides over any previous version.

Too bad that there are still people so uneducted about pc security !
Imo every user that has internet and is still uneducated about pc security and malware, deserves what’s commin’ to him/her !
I mean no one told me anything about this ! I’ve learned all that I know by my self, searching and reading online !
So do I think CIS is ready for the average user ?.. SURE IT IS ! The knowledge is all out there, it only takes an average mind to get it, is not like this is some weird alien science… I mean I’ve learned it all by myself and I’m no Einstein or something !

yes, I agree with you, cis is more and more “user friendly” but maybe not enough yet… for people who think they can test an AV but in fact don’t understand what they do…

[at]EricJH : i don’t agree with you : those malwares were caught by the av before any intervention of the sandbox; and the av left traces in the cache of the browser. cis knows it’s a malware because we can see the AV popup during the cache cleaning (with mbam or even using ccleaner)

I think that adding cache and temp cleaning to the AV component would be a good thing. Maybe you can suggest it for the wish list. I would think that it would be an easy fix for the developers to make.

i think this would be great for comodo to add. it would eliminate the fear that people think they are infected. i also think that when comodo sandboxes a unknown file then its uploaded to cima and found suspicious all the files that are dropped by that malicious file should also be removed. cima tells all the files thst are created so it shouldnt be hard to delete them all when the user
clicks clean on the av popup.

I think at this time (with the massive strides being made for the whitelist) the average user can install it on their computer and not have to interact except for a few Firewall alerts. Most of the common programs are now whitelisted and I can only see it getting better.

As has been mentioned the only thing that really needs improvement is the AV.

Whoever made that video really not an average user. I don’t know how you guys define average user but for me, average user didn’t bother to learn how to use Virtual Machine and didn’t know about Malware Domain List.

One thing for sure, that video target average user who just want to see which AV can catch and clean more virus.

The average user doesn’t run into malware every day. The tests are good to see, but don’t apply to the ordinary user who doesn’t spend his time viewing strange porn sites and downloading illegal stuff.

If he can cope with the few queries on first install without panicking he probably won’t be troubled again. Maybe it will take a while for the whitelist to catch up with everything, but then it will be easy.

well…ok…then we have over 1M experts installing CIS every month! Either way I am ok with it ;). And with the launch of v5, that number has jumped drastically last few days…

So if you want to say: That Experts/Geeks and people who know what they are talking about are the only ones installing CIS, you know what, I am ok with it…

Creating such unrealistic scenerios like using CIS and then checking with MBAM…get real pls, which average user would do that?

Either way…people have spoken…they voted with their downloads!


I agree with you, cis is more and more "user friendly" but maybe not enough yet
My little cousin can install and run it (no help needed), it requires almost no knowledge.

I still don’t know what an “average user” is.

Most probably the gamers are: they want to run their games, and when kept by the security software to do so, they state their game as fully trusted: a good idea, really…

And i also guess that, in the “million of users” downloading cis every month (how many are “false positives”, already having cis 4 or 3 before?) the proportion connecting to porn and warez is the same that in the general population: yes, average users.

So, unless the terminology “average user” is used to create the concept of some hypothetic creature compared to whom a donkey would be Einstein, why wouldn’t an also significative proportion of “average users” use (at least from time to time), mbam, gmer or similar to check, say, the existence of some rootkits cis (or whatever security software) is not very good at?

It is very hard, if not impossible, to make any conclusion starting with a massive and anynomous phenomenon, whether you call it downloading a software or voting.

our activation doesn’t report previous installations. So these numbers unique net new users (minus few people who reformatted their hd.)


Still doesn’t bring any argument pro or con (e.g. one downloads 3 softwares and uninstalls 2 after a day or a week, and not telling the “averageability” of the user) ,but the occasion, plain curiosity, to ask a question:
what is the counter for validation? ip? mac?

As an example, do i have a single one for 2 different installations (cis3 and cis 5) on 2 different disks of the same computer?

the number of AV signature updates is going up :wink: as per our numbers…

So no matter how you look at it…numbers are strong :wink:


You didn’t tell me, for the validation?

I do belive CIS is ready for the average user. My wife who is not any good with data has manage to use CIS 5 since we installed it some days ago witouth asking me a question. She has simply followed the advices on the VERY FEW!!! pop ups that has come here way. :-TU :-TU

And the interaction has improved drastic since V4.1. We have installed alot of programs, both picture editors, games, disk utilities etc and CIS 5 has been very very good! :-TU

I do think the average user is ready for CIS! (the only thing I could wish is that CIS was released in norwegian)

I think the point I wanted to raise is : more and more people (and not only specialists 88) ) use tools as mbam and hitman pro . They could really be disapointed if these tools find malwares in their computer (even if it’s in the cache or temp files).

They would conclude Cis is not efficient , which is Not true :wink: .

Please Melih, don’t focus on the number of people installing cis : listen to those who don’t like or are afraid of the idea of having pieces of malware in their PC (i.e. in the cache) .

It should be easy to clean also the cache when a malware is caught by the AV… :-TU

But then again, the same people using mbam and hitman pro to scan and scan and scan will never ever settle down with any AV vendor. They probably would look at another test and conclude that theire AV vendor is no good based on the new test. ( i`ve been there)

So I dont think this is a comodo problem not cleaning up temp files detected by hitman or mbam, it is rather some peoples search for something that does not exist. What that may be I dont know.