still asking : is cis ready for average users ?

sorry, i don’t agree with you…

the remaining of inactive malware can be scary for many people. (see the video link at the beginning of the thread.)

I started a thread & poll on this topic when CIS 5 RC was going and the poll statistics was 45 people said No & 56 people said Yes.

But after CIS 5 released I installed it and must say light & can be recommende for average users. But I do think it still needs little imrovements so that the remaining few popups are eliminated or an advice or help to reply the popup easily. And I know this will be achieved through the additions & improvements coming soon.

Threatcast was an excellent feature to help making CIS more user friendly & suitable for average users. I think Threatcast should be back improved & with new features.

AND Yes CIS 5 is ready for average users and with the coming additions & improvements it will be more easy for average users i.e. it will be like 99.99% working Automatic.


Thank you for clarifying Naren!

yes CIS 5 is ready for average user, of course we are not going to stop innovation and making things more secure and easier to use :wink: Watch this space.


But I do think it still needs little imrovements so that the remaining few popups are eliminated

So, according to you, a good security software is one not popping up?

What I meant was popups are very few now & can be used by average users. As for the other things like the malware traces, antivirus detection, they are improving.

For me as an average user first of all I see is the product easy enough to use. Then I see how is the detection & cleaning. So the overall product for me as an average user is easy to use. The malware detection combine with autosandbox is good & usable for me. The cleaning for me is good coz I know I, average users or anyone will never get infected with 25-30 threats at a time that the system will be heavily infected & needs heavy cleaning. In the 7 years of my internet experience I haven’t got infected. So why do I go by tests where dozens of malware are thrown which is not possible in a real scenario. And for a real scenario comodo cleaning is good. The harmful traces found after are not actual threats & they are working on powerful cleaning. Whichever AV you use & test it with many malwares and clean the system. But if you will scan with another AV it will definitely find the things which will be harmful but malware traces.

According to me CIS 5 is easy enough to be used by average users. But a little improvements & additions will make it more easier kinda automatic working.


I voted yes, because i think CIS never was easier to use and it never was more user friendly. It knows and trusts automatically all my games and i have many, it knows and trusts all my programs. It is light on resources and very easy to use.

A good one is one that gives no popups for necessary actions of safe applications.

I am happy for you if you can say that a given application is safe for whatever behavior:
it is a wide open door to malicious malwares aimed at system flaws (report, e.g., to the dll discussion).