Steam games routinely detected by AV

So I’m at the point where I’ve had to disable the antivirus protection in Comodo Internet Security, because lately it seems to be detecting things for no reason. One of the more annoying things it’s been detecting is my steam games. Games that I’ve downloaded from steam (even source stuff, like cs) and previously never had issues with are now being detected as malware, oftentimes even after I’ve added either the program, directory, or both to AV excluded list.


Maybe a bug, maybe false positive.

I use STEAM also, but I never had trouble with Comodo antivirus flagging any of the games. However, I did have some games being auto-sandboxed, but that was fixed by selecting “Don’t isolate it again”. What I do is go through all the games that I have installed on my system one by one start them up and see if any get flagged by auto-sandbox, HIPS, or in your case getting flagged by the antivirus component, then that way you can train CIS to behave the way you want it to. Also try this set-up that uses the “Proactive Security” setup. High quality HDMI cables in comparison - Gizmo's Best

I don’t use HIPS because of the proactive security setup I’m using. I also use Origin and Uplay and never had a problem with those games getting flagged by the antivirus either. Good luck.

Also, I always run a full system scan when ever I install a new antivirus software on my system to see if anythings get flagged. It’s more of what you can call an optimized scan introducing the antivirus engine to what’s on your hard drive. lol

Dear MaxTheAx

Please post a full bug report in the format requested here: Comodo Forum

Please ensure you append your antivirus logs from the point this is happening, a screenshot of the alert, and your full killswitch or active process list process display taken at the point you get an alert.

Many thanks in advance for your help with this

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There is a FAQ on this here:

I think most likely this is a help or false positive issue. And given the lack of a bug report in standard format I cannot process it as a bug.

So I will forward to D+ help, who will be able to support you in trying out the ideas in the FAQ.

If after trying out those ideas the problem still persists, please ask any active mod to transfer the topic back to the bugs board and submit a formatted bug report.

Kind regards