Slow speeds in Azareus [Resolved]

Hi all. Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to try your free firewall, regardless of whether I continue to use it or not. :slight_smile:

My system OS is WinXP Pro with SP2 and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Athlon 2000+, 768mb ram, and Radeon 9800 pro. My net connection is 2Mbit cable, using my onboard Broadcom integrated ethernet adapter. Connection works good. I’m using Comodo Firewall Pro Database is Version 3.0. I have admin priviledges and I have recently installed AVG.

I’ve always been ok with speeds when I used the firewall in Pc-cillin Internet Security, but that app has now expired. Today, I’m downloading a 2.5GB torrent with Azareus and my D/L speeds are no higher than 20kb/s with CPF set at ‘custom’ security level. The Azareus NAT is on yellow. I checked out your tutorial which said to uncheck ‘enable UPnP’ but that didn’t make any difference. When I set CPF to allow all ( not good of course ), NAT went green and my speeds shot up. So I’ve disabled Comodo and enabled windows XP firewall for now. Speeds are back to normal. Here are my screenshots.

I noticed that ports and/or IP’s are getting access denied. How can that be?
I had azareus set to 6881. So I changed it to 52163. Still says access denied. Yet I’m still getting some download through Azareus, albeit very slow.

After rebooting my pc, comodo activity is still reporting access denied to the azareus port numbers even though azareus isn’t even loaded! It’s also showing access denied on both the new port number and the 6881 port, even though I’d changed and saved my incoming listening TCP and UDP ports to 52163. I am very confused! ???

Here is the log after rebooting. I’ve tried to give as much info as I can, hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forums. From reading your post I don’t think you have created the required network monitor rule to open a port for Azureus.

To do this you will need to create a new network monitor rule in the firewall. The best way to do this is to read this thread, mainly the bit about bittorrent as it is also applicable to Azureus.

Generally the rule for you, in my opinion, would be

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP or UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Destination IP = your computer IP address (or “Any” )
Source port = Any
Destination port = 52163

Them make sure you move it above the block all rule.


Thanks gibsiain! Seems to be working well now. I thought I’d done everything right, but hadn’t paid attention to the network monitor/ network control rules tab. The application control rules are so similar anyway, it’s easily confused I think and that’s where I’d been directing my attention.

So, this may sound a dumb question, but, would this also work without me having filled in the application/parent rules and just allowed the network rules to receive on port 52163 from any source port/ip ?

You would also need Application rules set up. It’s a double-defense layer from CFP. Application gets checked first, then Network rules. Application rules are specific to the application in question, whereas the Network rules are global and have the final decision on whether ports, etc. are allowed to be opened.

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Got it. Thanks! (:CLP)

You’re welcome :).

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