Slow downloads from China when downloading Comodo programs

i met a serious problem with comodo forum.i can open the website of the comodo forum easily,but the download speed of all the comodo products from the forum became very low(only less than 10 kbytes/s) since yesterday.i live in china.anybody has a explaination about that,please?
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I changed the topic title to be more informative. Eric

why still nobody reply???

This is probably one of those things that you should contact Comodo Support about.

I believe that Comodo has a distributed download network, where user download requests are automatically redirected to a server that is nearest to their geographical location. Obviously, there can be issues on both sides and any where in between. Typically, client-side (user) issues are related to things like masking the real geographical location from Comodo’s distribution network and downloading everything from… New York, US? Server-side (Comodo’s distribution network) issues will need Comodo to investigate it.

I have sent a pm to one of the admins pointing to this topic.

If he will contact you he will ask for network information. You will need wget in the process. Download it from here/ and extract wget.exe to the system32 folder.

Then run the following commands from the command prompt:
wget -S -O NUL

It is almost weekend now so I don’t expect him to respond earlier than Monday.

thank u very much,but what i can not understand is what does “wget -S -O NUL” mean?can u explain that in more details?
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One of them.

Print the headers sent by HTTP servers and responses sent by FTP servers

2.4 Logging and Input File Options

‘-o logfile’

Log all messages to logfile. The messages are normally reported to standard error. 

Did not find anything for NUL but I presume as it follows -O it is likely to do with logging

All came from here.


it’s already monday,but still no reply from comodo???

I got a pm from EdGQ2 after you posted. He should be on it and I expect him to contact you.

he is now offline,do u know when would he be online???
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Send him a pm as I suggested in the pm’s we traded. He will get an email notifying him there is a pm. He is the go to person for this; I have communicated with him before about download problems.

ok,thank u.i 'll follow your suggestion right now.

well,i have already followed your suggestion by sending him a pm,but still no reply???

We are still waiting for the results of traceroute and wget from you. Not much we can look at until you do that.

well,i followed the instructions above and downloaded the wget software from the website,however after i extracted the wget.exe to the windows system32 folder,and tried to run pumped up a blackwindow(just like msdos) for only less than a second and disappeared at once.then i tried to run wget.exe outside the system32 folder,still the same result.later ,i have also tried the 32bit version of wget.exe,but still the same the way,i use windows7 64bit version,that 's why i had tried 64 bit version of wget at what’s wroung with my usage of wget?
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You need to open the command prompt first.

Then run the following commands from the command prompt:
wget -S -O NUL

The results will contain your IP address. So for reasons of privacy it is better to not post the results here at the forums but send them by pm to EdGQ2.

Let me know if the above helped or if you need more help.

ok,thank u very much for your explanation.i guess that i have already got your meaning at last.and i have just sent a report to EdGQ2.i am now waiting for his response.

i got the reply from EdGQ2 at last.he is sorry to tell me that he can do nothing at all to solve the problem.what a pity!

I presume it is out of their control.

Sorry nothing can be done to help :frowning:


just found another thing very interesting,i have just made a fresh install of cis.i found the update server of cis is also it’s a fresh install,it would need to download a full virus signature database with the size for about 200 MB.i once thought it would not work,but quite out of my estimation,it works very well,the download speed is even about 6mbytes/s.then i thought the problem may already be solved.i came back to,and tried to make some downloads of comodo products(such as cis,cb,ccav),however the download speed is still very is really interesting.

Could you send that finding to Ed? It might hold a clue.