Slow downloads from China when downloading Comodo programs

Could I suggest you try to determine an IP and use that in place of the first part of the URL? Sometime it has to be an IP determined in another zone.

We have had this problem re Ccloud downloads to China in Star Group. The following sometimes works:


  1. You open a command window and type eg 'ping <FullURL eg> and take a note of the IP eg
  2. You type in: or


  1. You give someone in Europe the exact download URL you want eg
  2. Someone in Europe pings that URL and collects the IP eg
  3. You type in: or

I am not sure why the first way sometimes works. The second way maybe bypasses the content delivery network.

of course,u can also show him my post.but now i 've found something even more interesting. as i reported before that the download speed from this forum at my place is very very slow,however,there are 2 exceptions.EdGQ2 once told me that all the softwares in this forum is located at the url:“”.so as we can also see that all the download links in this forum are begins with “”.and so does these 2 exceptions.what makes me feel strange is only if i download files from these 2 special links,the download speed would be as fast as normal.i tried it for a few times,then i found out the fact that once if i download files from these 2 special links,i in fact would download the 2 softwares from a server located in china .and if i download files with other links in the forum,i would download files from britain.and here are these 2 special links:
Dragon v48.12.18.249:

MD5: 12A3BAA3C02425F67DDF1114E5816F3B
SHA-1: 5677B2854F4DD61EF39E9C506F4BFC2BC1F36FA4
SHA-256: 1A93358B231853FE254F77A71E8CDC161770C8D3D62B89DD8A8297E12FC396BA

Chromodo v48.12.18.248:

Which appears to be the opposite of what I have found with Ccloud.

What is happening maybe is that some links are operating via a content delivery network, and some are not. Then, if the content delivery network works, all is fine. If it does not all is not fine.

if so why doesn’t comodo operate all the links via a cdn but only operate these 2 links via a cdn???

All downloads route through the CDN. The only time a download would come directly from Comodo, is if the the product was just released, and the CDN hadn’t finished updating all of its mirrors. And even then, it would go Comodo → mirror → user. Our CDN does have mirrors in China, however, if the mirror’s can’t update because the of network conditions in China, we can’t help that.

Could you elaborate some on the network conditions in China?

so now it’s very clear that the reason of the very slow download speed is that the cdn hasn’t finished updating all of its mirrors.if so,u should contact with the cdn provider to solve the problem as soon as possible.
thank u,

well,at my side,the network condition is as normal as before.

The Chinese government regularly “break” the internet [in China]. In IT circles, its called the Great Firewall.

well,even under the current network condition in china,there are so many cdn providers which can provide stable services in china(u can search cdn providers in bing and got that).we don’t know who is the cdn provider for comodo,but what we are very sure now is that comodo’s cdn provider hasn’t finished updating all of its it’s the cdn provider’s problem. comodo should contact with its cdn provider to solve the problem as soon as possible.
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