Slow Defrag Performance

For me its definatly an AV issue as when i set real time scanning to disabled, it runs within about a minute to defrag my entire drive.

Ill test some other computers tommorow & post results here.

CAVS engine shows very slow performance at multimedia files (such as *.mp3 files), Windows Registry files and in any Defragmentation tool.

Comodo developers can improve this, I know (R)

Also I’m having problems with slow defrag performance using SmartDefrag.
If I disable the real time scanner smartdefrag works perfectly. When the real time scanner is enabled it just is very slow.

For now I have disabled the real time scanner and reinstalled avira antivirus.

I hope it will be fixed soon so I can use one integrated package. I’m a huge fan of the firewall which works perfectly for me.

I was hoping that by now someone from Comodo would officially comment on this issue, followed by a software update soon …

Morning all, new to these forums, first post here and I’m here for this very reason, defrag performance taking a hit (by at least an order of magnitude) since upgrading to CIS (was running CPF3 and AVG8).

Just wanted to add my voice to this frustrating “feature” and that following the advice on this thread (disable real time scanning while defragging) has produced the same results of back to the performance level I had before changing to CIS. Thanks all for the help. ;D

As I layman I see it that CIS is clearly able to detect what processes are doing what. Perhaps a useful feature would be to not “realtime scan” files accessed by user selected applications? Naturally I don’t want t leave realtime scanning disabled all the time. :o Sorry if this has been suggested in another way.


Yes, it is.
Installing games goes very slow too.
I hope COMODO fixes this asap. Rather annoying, but at least you can disable AV temporary which makes it not that bad.

same issue here. I use perfectdisk 2008 on vista x32 and latest version of comodo CIS, and it takes forever to analyse the drive and to defrag it… shutting off realtime AV in CIS does help alot but its still not 100% never had this issue prior to installing comodo CIS

Hope they get this fixed soon. if not i may have to go back to my previous firewall/AV combo

Michael taylor

Same problem - in my case it is related to AV. XP/SP3 and PerfectDisk.

IMO - I don’t think there is anything to fix. Once I discovered the work around it’s no big deal. How often do you defrag that this would be a problem? If you’re worried about the 'net you can stop all activities as shown on the Summary tab. Again - my opinion.

There are other reports that real-time scanning of compressed files, mp3,… is also slow which points to some underlying problem. I think there’s plenty to fix and improve here. Plus some defrag software can be set to just defrag in the background when the computer is idle.

well i need to defrag on a weekly basis as i am moving/deleing gigabytes worth of data each week so i need to keep my pc in pristine order. Then i leave my pc while i get some food, so defrag & 4get to set scanner to disabled o it takes 4 ever. Thats an hour wasted i could have used to do some rendering.

Can this be stickied as it seems to be the biggest problem with cis right now & many users are reporting problems.

And I would love to hear some official word from Comodo on this. At least confirm the issue and that they’re looking into it and doing something about it.

CIS build 432 is out. You can update via internal updater in CIS, Check & See how Defragging performs with this new build.


its still happening to me, however i made a minor discovery;

my other pc has been using xp until a few weeks ago, with cis installed, & did NOT have this slow defrag issue. Then i installed vista ultimate x64 sp1 & it has started doing it.

on both machines i use the stock vista defrag btw

Slow defragmenting performance with Perfekt Disk as described by me before is stilll there. Just wait and see until they finish. Until they fix it I will temporariliy disable the AV resident shield.

I am on Vista SP1.

I don’t see any improvement either with the latest CIS version, on XP 32-bit, PerfectDisk 2008.

still get slow defrag performance with the latest recent update to .439

anyone know if there has been any official response to this problem?

I’d love to see an official response too …

I personally give a defrag only after disabling CAVS [sometimes disabling Defence+ also], when I go for lunch (after disconnecting internet). When I return it would normally be finished or would be on the verge of finish. Any way, I suppose, windows defrag is actually slow in its own build, even without AV ! JKdefrag or Auslogics are faster.

In my personal opinion, defrag means accessing the disks / data and regular AVs are designed to check it. All the previous AVs I used, before completely switching to CAVS did interfere when I initiate defrag (I don’t know whether their newer versions have changed it or not). Hence, I always used this methodology giving command on lunch for defrag and I think AV is doing its job.

I think there is no harm in that though others opinions may vary. Now, don’t brash me for this opinion!