Slow Defrag Performance

Vista Ultimate x64 Sp1
Running latest comodo memory firewall, xfire
Real slow defragging performance when real time scanning is set to ‘enabled’, when disabled defrag performs as usual. The cmdagent process will also spike to 25% cpu usage & 24-30mb ram usage.
all my cis settings are set to default
im using an administrator account with uac disabled

I have reported that in the beta period for Perfect Disk defragmenter. I hope they will fix it soon. You can workaround it by disabling the AV residential shield when defragmenting. I am on Vista 32 SP1.

does it happen with the windows defrag as well?

Yes. Win Vista 64bit.

I have the same problem with windows xp service pack 3 (auslogic disk defrag) and on Windows vista home premium.
Both 32bit version.

Same problem XP Pro SP3 with Perfect Disk. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

The more users reporting it the better. :wink:


As you wish… ;D O&O Defrag 11.0 build 3265 - horrible performance (oh, and BTW - this is not related to the AV component in any way for me, Avira Premium here.)

I think AV’s should be stopped while defragmenting anyway. The AV is scaning while the program moves files making things slower.

The Best Way To Defrag Is In Safe Mode,
That way nothing is scanning or slowing down the defrag process

(I Use JKDefrag.exe in safe mode with command prompt and it does a perfection job)


How do you do that with Comodo AV if you schedule your defrag to run unattended or “when needed”, when the computer is idle which are options that Perfect Disk and Diskeeper have?

The best way is to schedule it and forget about it, just let it do its thing either on a fixed schedule or when the computer is idle. The time it takes to boot into safe mode then back into normal mode I think more than makes up for the actual defrag slowdown.

Erm, not really as long as this bug is concerned. The defrag takes about half a day as compared to one hour w/o CIS. Needs to be fixed.

I’m seeing the same thing with PerfectDisk on an XP/SP3 system as has already been reported here. With the AV enabled, a simple analysis takes over an hour. With the AV disabled, less than a minute. And I didn’t even risk a defrag with the AV enabled. (I’d like to use my computer for the next several days, which it appears is how long a defrag would take…)

Am noticing the same thing with WinDirStat. With AV enabled, the program hangs at about 44%. With AV disabled, the results come up in about a minute.

There’s definitely something very wrong with the new AV engine…

What is WinDirStat?

WinDirStat is a program that gives a graphical representation of the contents of a folder, partition, drive, or your entire computer. I mentioned it because, like a defrag program, it conducts an intensive look at what’s on the computer disk, something that the AV engine doesn’t seem to deal with very well.

Sounds like it is similar to Treesize. I tested it and it doesn’t seem to effected by the CIS. Perfect Disk is; I work around it for now by disabling the AV resident shield.

Once again I would like to emphasize that this is NOT an AV issue. You’ll get the exact same sloooow defrag without the AV component installed (or without any AV installed whatsoever for that matter). It’s somewhere else in CIS.

I’m having Slow Defragging to.

And I think it’s related to Defense+, And we all know how powerful that is.


Well, I uninstalled CIS and reinstalled it without the AV component and now PerfectDisk is working… well, perfectly. As does WinDirStat.