Setting Trusted program is virtually useless.

I am getting tired of this.

OK. Firstly, I have the heuristics thing running.

Auto-Sandbox: Partially Limited
HIPS: Safe Mode.

I set a program to trusted, allow it to do whatever it wants.

I restart the program, and here comes the pop up that asks if I want to sandbox it. Every time.

What’s even better is, after restarting the computer, it takes many tries before I can start the program, because the stupid Anti Virus keeps asking if I trust it. I click allow this program, check that it is a trusted file, but it keeps prompting it, while I keep clicking on something like stop sandboxing it. I have to try and try and try and try and try around 10 times to get ONE program to run. Oh yeah, it needs to read files, init DB, create DB lock files, etc, maybe that’s why Comodo thinks it’s bad, but so what? I trust it completely. Because I wrote it.

What’s even better is, I use Sysinternal’s Process Explorer, and it keeps triggering Comodo to write to the logs. THOUSANDS of lines of logs, for a legit program that I trust. By doing so, Comodo is not ensuring the security of the users, because legit logs would be totally unnoticeable in the thousands of nonsense false positive logs.

I am pretty sure you guys are extremely competent and can use a secure DB to check file integrity and am confident that you guys can catch other programs messing with a target program’s memory and stuff, because that’s the AV’s job. This looks more like a bug/oversight and I sincerely hope that you guys would fix these issues.

Update: Just tested with a “less troublesome” program that I wrote. It does not need any file IO and has no DB and I can start it without any hassle. Please look into this.

Please use the required format.

Well, that is not necessary. I have just updated Comodo and the issue seems to be fixed now, though there’re a few more stuff I must click through like “allow keyboard”, “allow interface” etc etc.

In that case, I will move this report to “Resolved/Outdated Issues” section.

Thank you.