Seems cDrive very bad as an explorer copier tool for long file names!


I have notice cdrive is very bad in copying long file names folders, by that, i mean a file that is in a folder, that is in a folder, that is in folder, that is in folder,that is in folder,that is in folder,that is in folder etc…
When the files are Deep , well Cdrive has a very critical limit, much less than classic windows explorer.
It reminds me windows explorer in those times you were much better off using total commander for copying purpose…
Beta tests seems to have put aside considering this, you should ask developpers that have good background in the copying folder/file experience because for the moment Cdrive is :frowning: just because of this as it slowdowns and copying pbs with long names and long folders from root. What is the purpose of having 10GB if you can only put 10 files of 1GB, well it’s ok but…I doubt someone files on hardrive that needs to be saved somewhere will have that kind of directory tree…So not usable for this! :-[

COMODO is beginning to have a incredible reputation, but software not enought tested like these make people test it then having bad opinions despite wanting to have one (free firewall IS comodo’s PRESTIGE)

My experience concerning comodo cloud:
The GOOD point, Interface is nice and shiny!! ^^
The Bad Point:
I tried saving a 8GB file folder with plenty of files…it only saved 3GB then stopped (maybe because of the depth of tree folder) then I tried to erase in the Ccdrive to begin again over (after cleanup of the directory) then…impossible to clean on cdrive, keeps blocking when i tried to delete the files! you should do a way to “format” our Cdrive if needed.
Uninstallation of both software doesn’t seems to be perfect, anyway to make in “cleaner” whithout reboot?

I will do test soon (I live in france so I’m quite far from comodo servers which are in the US…I suppose)

Also, why not a comodo account the SAME for FORUM and CLOUD?? does that means that if you are on 10 comodo products you need 10 accounts?


Thank you for your input. Here are my comments on the issues you reported:

  • For the moment, we do have a 256 characters limit in cCloud file naming.
  • To investigate and determine the cause of the “format” issue we need the debug logs
  • Regarding uninstall issue, we will completely remake the installers in a future version and they will no longer require a reboot