Secure Shopping as a Free Feature !!!!!

yep that was how i interpreted it to, from the question/answer.

You guys underestimate Secure Shopping if you interpret that way. If you do online transactions then you should use it. Just check the features list.

Well, maybe it’s the CEO to underestimate it if he writes that the av protects the user as much as secure shopping does

i miss interpreted Jon79’s point, i was thinking off a different thing. :-[

i interpreted Melih answer as this:

Some people only use Comodo Firewall (Without sandbox) with a other Legacy Antivirus product (Default allow security) therefore Secury Shopping is extra attractive to use for those user.

(i know that Secure Shopping requires CIS, therefore my confusion)
No worries do damage done ;D

I do like the Secure Shopping and im going to use it all the time in CIS10 when CIS10 its ready :-TU
Thanks for releasing if for free!!