Secure Shopping as a Free Feature !!!!!

Sometimes users may allow something or some bypass, ViruScope may protect in the scenario.

thats why we allow you to be able to use this outside the containment.

Good news :-TU and what a pity, we have to change all translations :‘( :’( >:-D

Monitor sandboxed applications only - If enabled, Viruscope will only monitor and generate alerts for processes running in the sandbox. (Default = Enabled)

Why you mentioned the help topic?

“Sometimes users may allow something or some bypass, ViruScope may protect in the scenario” - I mentioned to Melih, ViruScope enabled for normal programs too by default may protect in the scenario.


If you insist on allowing something to run that has been flagged by CIS (or any AV suite for that matter), there is nothing that will stop you the user from running this.
If you cannot change the setting yourself to monitor that which you have insisted be run, you should not be on a computer.
Go in and make the setting change or shut your computer off. There is no reason why you cannot do that without making it sound like a federal offence to have it default where it is.
Personally, I agree with Melih, Trusted is trusted, and only those untrusted running in a sandbox need to be monitored. But the setting is there for those that wish it changed.

I use CFW v. 8.4 and I have set Viruscope to monitor every file, not only the sandboxed ones.
I can’t notice any slowdown, so I just feel it as a higher protection level.

I read some issues coming from the trusted vendor list (a malware could bypass the sandbox by running a trusted app), so I think this Viruscope setting is better (just my personal opinion) as well as setting HIPS to be ON.

:slight_smile: Thank you guys :■■■■

Allo sir i just wanted to ask you a question about CIS 10 BETA i have it in my pc for almost a month and it says i have to upgrade my licence to keep using all functions i have only six days left in licence subscripion my question is this is still a beta version , and i would like to know if secure shoping will be really free or not? in the free version of the product ? and also what will happen whem the six days that i have end will i be able to use secure shopping?
Thank you !

Hello mailmen,

I would like to remind you that in order to have this feature included inside free package, we will need to make another release for CIS 10. Currently as you are using CIS Pro 30 days trial, existing cis- css integration will block css from running once it expires.

Please kindly wait for the next release to have this unique feature for free as Melih promised :slight_smile: :-TU

Kind Regards

Thank you very much for your explanation i will wait until next version is released , secure shopping is a very usefull feature ive used already and liked a lot is very usefull!keep up the good work and thank you again for making such good products for free!

Ever thought about the possibility of extending the protection any PC? It could not be attractive for the commercial versions?

Protection screens, clipboard, keyloggers … blocked by default. thus preventing data leakage even if perchance, a malicious and signed application can digitally send data can not be viewed by the cybercriminal.

This sounds like a really nice feature! Good job Comodo!

I have one question though: Is the sandboxing of the secured browsers / programs isolated from the regular sandbox?
When I sandbox in current version of CIS 8.x potential harmful files from a sandboxed web browser etc. is accessible from other sandboxed applications and vice versa.

Instead of having one sandbox to rule them all, I was wondering if the secure shopping sandbox is a second “clean sandbox”, isolated from the regular sandbox catching all the nasty stuff?

Is it possible to add a button to switch the virtual keyboard in AZERTY mode?

‘Secure Shopping’ is not a virtualized environment. You can test this by creating a file inside and check changes on real system.

Hm… That is actually not a bad idea. Please create a wish for this one.

why should i use comodo secure shop?
when comodo av enabled its protect our security.
Is not it?


But some users only use Firewall and use some other Legacy Antivirus product (Default Allow security).

So why secure shopping is available only with CIS and not with CFW ?

Because it requires the other modules to run. This was asked before.
You cannot have everything stand-alone.
Use CIS, or don’t complain because you don’t have additional features.

I’m not complaining, I was just following the discussion.

So it looks like, if you have Comodo AV, you are protected, thus you don’t need secure shopping.
But if you use Comodo Firewall only (maybe with a 3rd party AV), then you need secure shopping (but you can’t have it).

I’m fine with CFW only and I don’t want other bloatware, I was just asking because I didn’t get the logic, but thanks to your kind answer everything is clear now :slight_smile: