Secure Shopping as a Free Feature !!!!!

Hello Everybody :slight_smile:

I would like to share with you the details of Comodo Secure Shopping feature set with a whitepaper and a benchmark with other solutions in the market.

Please kindly check the table as below. Comodo Secure Shopping with its superior features is leading the market !

We would like to inform you that this is just the beginning.… :slight_smile: There will be many more unique features which will be included with future versions ; such as having the ability to run all your applications in the secure box.

What is more; we are happy to inform you that it is for Free ! :-TU :-La

Yes ! :slight_smile: After internal discussions , we made a decision to release Comodo Secure Shopping as a Free Feature; because, we care about your security! Security is a right, not a luxury!

Keep following our next releases as this feature will be provided with CIS 10 free version. I will update you guys soon , it’ s coming ! :slight_smile:

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Now lets go for the next beta round and wait for the best security software ever made… for free…

And lets keep our hopes on CCAV too as its becoming better release after release… :3

Give the option to have CIS with a full cloud AV (so without signature database) and I’ll advertise it to all my friends :-TU

great work guys!!!

unbelievable technology…for free!

Great news! Thank your very much)

Thanks for making this feature free :-TU. As Jon79 mentioned, please include option to switch between cloud AV and traditional signature database. CIS 10 beta is coming along nicely.




Thank you very much!

Thank you so much Melih. :slight_smile:

Great feature !!
thank you every comodo’s developers and Melih :slight_smile:

Hey Jon79,

Future plans includes this vision. Keep following our cloud AV product CCAV; we also have plans to have different versions of this product with firewall and behaviour analysis tools in future.

For your information,


Hi BuketB,

nice to hear this :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards

Great news.

Congrats & Thank You Comodo Team.

You mean CCAV future version will have Firewall & Behavior Analysis tools?
Thats great news.

good, good, verry good

it currently has behavior analysis, viruscope

It is for only sandboxed programs.

I meant BB for normal running programs too.

i thought it could run for both programs inside or outside containment…depends on your settings.

But there must be reason by default ViruScope only monitors sandboxed programs…may be FPs, system issues, etc…

Why its not enabled by default for normal running programs too?

Because those apps are “Trusted”…validated…good to go…