Secure DNS Servers Down? [merged]

These “secure” servers have more down time than a :

They have been down for me since about 2 AM CDT. I removed them for my router and my computer’s network settings so I now have Internet working.

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I would agree, at least on the downtime;)

Same experience here, had to remove to regain internet access, any updates on why and what’s being done to prevent would be much appreciated.

It seems to be working here, can you try the following on the command-line


DNS servers are inoperative here also. After experiencing sudden lag last night, I noticed high browser network activity with the .arpa extension. Reverting to my ISP assigned DNS I am again able to access the internet.

RONNIE: After entering the DNS address using I received this:

Non-authoritative answer: name =

It should look something like this:


Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses:  2a00:1450:4001:c02::5e

When running from the cmd line per request, it states server: unknown address: then *** Unknown can’t find : Server failed

Same for

can you please make a trace route for both IP’s and post te result here:


Same results here of the ‘unknown’ - ran a battery of tests prior to switching due to down-time to find out why and where the cause. Boiled down to these name servers, which was affecting across providers and a few of our sites we were testing. Each had different providers in US/Canada - all with the same results of going down around the same timeframe, along with testing.

Each of these sites have been changed so we can not run additional testing at this time.

here ya go.

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Can all please re-test? The issue should be resolved.

It is functional again for me, however, I’m experiencing intermittent 404 page file directory not found, or page not found errors when trying to visit websites via pc’s and tablets over the network. Game consoles over this network also appear to have spotty connectivity with the web both wired and wireless.

I will continue to monitor and check back in.

They are down again this morning. :frowning:

Yes here also have to remove it to get access to the internet :-[ >:(

In last 7 days, these servers are down for second time >:( What has happened?

They are creating trust online… :slight_smile:

This morning down again >:(

I am ending with them for now. Which other DNS should I use? For now I switched to google DNS, but I´d like to use something else… 88)

Hi michalko58,

As a fall back I use Home Internet Security | OpenDNS which even have parental controls if you sign up for a free account.

Ok I´ll give it a try. Thanks.

I’m fine with Norton ConnectSafe.

Try these: