Secure DNS Servers Down? [merged]

comodo dns server is down? im on IE now…any idea?

I am having the same problem. >:(

Internet access today around the time you posted is intermittent to non existent.
I changed back to my ISPs DNS servers and internet came back.

Can we get an ETA on a fix Comodo? And if fixed, what caused it to go down? :o

Ditto … just unchecked Comodo Secure DNS in settings until this gets corrected. :-La

i simple “unchecked” dns servers under settings and works fine

Hi. Anybody?
News? ETA? Something? Anything?
Or is Comodo DNS now dead?

Hi Dustyn,
Give it a chance to be looked at, this is a new issue.

The issue must be geolocation specific, because I am using it now.

Kind regards.

Edit note: I have asked Staff to take a look at this issue.

Thank you :wink:

You are welcome Dustyn.
I haven’t heard anything back yet, it is still working here so it is impossible for me to test if the issue is resolved.

Kind regards.

How do you go back to your original DNS settings in Windows 10 - how do I change them from Comodo DNS to whatever was used normally before?



It works like described in .

I made a topic merge.

It went down again today for at least 8 hours.
Came home and was told by family members they had no internet.

Gave up and changed back to ISP DNS servers.
Maybe Comodo can look into fixing this so the DNS servers aren’t going down so often?
It’s not a very reliable service as of late.