Scheduled scans

I have set (at least tried to set) CIS to run Full System Scan at midnight saturday (basically when saturday turns on sunday)but so far FSC hasn’t run even once and my comp has been on at that time. Only quickscan has run when I installed CIS.

OS: Win 7 Prof 64 bit (non-admin-user)

Hi cuser,
Midnight is the start of the next day.
11.59pm Saturday, one minute later will now be Sunday at 12.00am (Midnight).

Also make sure the toggle under scans for full scan is set to enabled.

Kind regards.

All settings are set ok but scan doesn’t happen on either sunday or monday and comp isn’t sleeping etc at that time. Checkmark vanishes after I have clicked ok (also what to scan vanishes after clicking ok). I even tried running CIS as admin but no change (no full scan scheduled). CIS worked normally on my old comp but after switching to Win7 only quick scan (1st time) has run once nearly month ago.

Hi cuser,
The check box is not to enable the scan, this is used when you want to remove items or complete profiles.
You can not remove items or profiles for the predefined scan profiles.

In regards to the predefined full scan not running on schedule, I would consider an installation issue maybe the cause. :-\

Can you run a ‘Full Scan’ manually with no issues?
Scan and Clean your Computer-Comodo Help


I can start full scan manually and CIS diagnostics says no errors. Made new scan profile and seletected whole computer and set it to scan few mins ago but nothing happened and all checkmarks vanished (in what to scan) after pressing ok.

Hi cuser,
Remember the check-marks (Items) are not used to activate the scan.
With that put aside, as far as the scheduled scans not running when set I am not sure what to suggest other than creating a bug report.
Bug Reports - CIS
Required Format For Reporting Bugs

Kind regards.