Scan Schedule not working

I am using CAVS on Win XP Pro and can not get the scan schedule to work. I have a full scan scheduled weekly but it never scans. I am ‘logged in’ but welcome screen is showing when the scan is set to run. Any ideas on making it work or anyone having the same problem? I thought of looking in window’s scheduled tasks but it’s not there. Can I create a windows scheduled task to get it done?

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Every “Thursday”?

yes but it doesn’t matter which day i put it on

Hi fly2279,
The scheduled scan runs only if the system is running (oN) at scheduled scan date and time. If your system is OFF at the scheduled time, then it will skip and will set for next scheduled time according to the schdeuled nterval selected.
In your case, the scheduled scan will run on 12th April 2007 (4/12/2007) at 12:15 AM (that is mid night).


Right, I understand that. What I’m saying is that my computer is on, I am logged in, the welcome screen is showing, but the scan does not run at the set time. I go back and look into the logs and it doesn’t show any scan started/finished/aborted.

Hi fly2279,
Does any scheduled scan runs for you. Let us say put a scheduled scan for daily at a specified time when your system will be running and check wheather the scheduled scanner runs or not.
FYI: Scheduled scanner runs with respect to your system time.


Other scheduled items in my ‘scheduled tasks’ folder (in the windows folder) run correctly. However, there is no CAVS task in there, the only way I know to change times etc. is through the actual program. I have found that I can change the scheduled time to run in a minute from now, log off using the switch user (so that the welcome screen is showing but not completely logged off) and it will run. But when windows automatically puts the welcome screen on (after so many minutes of inactivity) the scan doesn’t run, like in the middle of the night. If I can manually add a task to the ‘scheduled tasks’ folder and put in a command line to run the scan please let me know what to put in for program location and switches after if necessary.

I am running CAVS on Win XP Pro. In the CAVS interface, under the ‘Scan Schedule’ tab I have a scan set to run every day at a certain time. The next day when I look at the reports there is no record of a scan being completed. This scan is set to run in the middle of the night. Typically multiple users are logged in (including mine, where the scan was set up) and the welcome screen is showing. Other tasks that are in the ‘Scheduled Tasks’ folder within the Windows folder run just fine. The virus scan just seems to not be running at all. Is this a bug or is there something I can do?

I have a similar problem, with the same build version.

I think this is a bug. On some programs there is an option to set the administrator user and password so that a program will run when the welcome screen is showing. The user I am using is a member of the ‘administrators’ group. Can someone confirm that when their scheduled scan runs it leaves a report log? How do I report this as a bug?

No response from Comodo?


Open the CAVS GUI, click the “Reports” button in the top navigation bar (just left of “Settings”). Then you’ll have options for On-Demand (the scheduled, or right-click scan), On-Access, etc.

If it completed it, there should be a report, which you can view.

That’s the problem, no report after several days of it being scheduled. If I set the scan to run a minute from now then ‘switch user’ it will run in a minute and even show 1 program running on the welcome screen and there will be a log there; but if windows brings up the welcome screen after inactivity it won’t run and there’s no log.

Well, as we discussed in your other post about the HIPS issue, CAVS doesn’t support multi-user/user switching. Have to log out and back in.

And also, the scheduler doesn’t run in anything other than an active use setting (ie, you’re at the computer using it). If the terminal is locked, logged out, idle, standby, etc, it won’t run.

Apparently it doesn’t make use of MS Scheduler, and cannot bring the computer to active state on its own, or run as user.

So far, I haven’t found any AV/AS other than the big names, that do… :frowning:


So my options are to use a big name AV or to set windows so that it doesn’t show the welcome screen.

I think your idea of using the on-demand scan executable in the task scheduler has merit; I’m just not sure how to get the scan parameters to work for that scenario.

As I said in the other thread, they’ve just gotten Backup to work unattended like that, so maybe/hopefully CAVS will follow suit soon.

IF you know that the computer is physically secure, you could set it not to time out, autolock, go into standby, etc. That might work.

Let me do some digging to see if there’s way around this.


PS: I’ve got Scheduler set to run CAVS on Tuesday morning (sorry, first time I’ll be able to check it, AFAIK at this point), and set CAVS schedule to start one minute later. It’s set to bring the computer out of standby.

Thanks for helping me out.


I’ve reported the same thing before. Unless the user is actively using the computer, the scheduled scan does not run. If the computer is locked, in standby, hibernate, etc, it won’t run. Only in active use. Doesn’t matter if power is on or not; has to be active.

I did, however, set Windows Scheduler to start CAVS, and scheduled CAVS to scan 1 minute later. It worked when logged in and terminal locked. Wasn’t in standby, though. That’s next.


I don’t know about anyone else but having the computer come out of standby to run a scan isn’t a priority for me. I just want to have the scan run when ‘logged in’ regardless of fast user switching use.


Using Windows Scheduler may be key at this point. I’ve been able to run a couple tests over the weekend. Having scheduler set helped it run with the terminal locked (akin to fast-user-switching), without it being in standby.

It also last night, brought the computer out of standby to run the scan.