Running Windows Vist

Have a new computer with Windows Vista and apparently Comodo is not yet compatible with Vista. I am running and will continue to run Comodo on my other two computers that have XP, however, look forward to Comodo expediently getting Vista to play nice with Comodo.


Comodo Firewall Pro, Comodo Backup, Comodo Memory Firewall and BOClean are available for Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit).
CAVS will get Vista support in the next version from what I’ve heard, but I’m not sure about the other products.


  • Still not compatible with Windows Vista (SP1) and if you use Wireless USB (I own ASUS WiFi built in mobo), system will crash once WLan is start getting ip.

  • In Vista (SP1), starup time and shut down will be at least 10~15 min.

I have Windows Vista SP1 and it’s running fine (:TNG)

I have Vista Ultimate and it runs fine with Comodo Firewall Pro V3-Haven’t tried SP1 yet, but have not seen problem reports that say there are any general problems with it.

  • Hi Commodus,

  • B4 I upgrade to Vista SP1 was working fine. After upgraded to Vista SP1 then took too long to startup and shot down. BTW I’m using Enterprise 32bit Edition.

  • I have been tried to uninstall and re-install back the current version but still the same (slow on startup and shut down.)

  • It’s only startup and shut down time, after fully windows startup it’s back to normal.

  • Any ideas?

Dunno. I’ve downloaded Vista SP1 RTM via torrent, then vLited it and installed. Entered my Vista code, installed my favorite apps, Comodo and it’s working great ! :BNC

CFP 3 does not work fully with UAC on. You can’t import/export settings. In my opinion that makes if not fully Vista compatible.

Is anything fully compatible with Vista take Windows Explorer on Vista, you want to delete a file in certain folders you are in ADMIN account NO you cannot.
You have to do the same as CPF3 for explorer you have to right click Run As Administrator to be able to delete these files with UAC running. ???
Do not say this is a safety feature because you still get at least two alerts before you can delete the file.
What I do call a safety feature is you cannot delete the file only in Safe Mode.(Delete at your own risk ;D )

With explorer you get a UAC confirmation prompt and then it works (I have never had it fail). With CFP it just does not work. I can’t even get it to work using “run as administrator”. CFP is the only program I use that does not work with UAC on.

I still have several that don’t work properly with UAC on, even with recent releases. Most problems have to do with the data storage and access restrictions that even admins have-they don’t generate popups from UAC like ypu would expect, so the data doesn’t get stored or retrieved. The “Virtual Store” is not as effective as it should be. Problem programs range from Marine Charting and Navigation to Text Editors to News Readers and a few other odds and ends. Sometimes you can work around UAC with a little effort, sometimes you can’t. I am happy with UAC off and the protection of CFP/D+ and same basic protection as I had with XP. Even a temperature monitoring program like Speedfan has problems with UAC-it can’t access some of the readings with UAC on, and UAC gives no popup so I can fix it. Maybe both SP1 will fix some of the UAC problems, and CFP3 and other programs will become a little more compatible with their upgrades. :slight_smile:

I think UAC is great. One reason we have so much malware is so many users run as administrator and are easy targets (if they do not have good protection like CFP). Microsoft has finally attempted to address the problem.

I never see a UAC prompt in my daily computer usage. I do avoid programs that must be run as administrator. I usually find there is a better alternative. Older games can be a problem.

I can change setting in CFP as a limited user so I can only conclude that bad programming causes the import/export not to work. The permission/mechanism must be there for a limited user and UAC should not be a problem.

Right, tcarrbrion, as a Linux user I fully agree with you. So far Windows user were runnig their systems as administrators, which is not safe really. Microsoft has made a good step in safety direction, however it’s still far away from the “root” or “sudo” concept. Vista will be safer with newbies, they will be scared when prompted, and perhaps they will not thoughtlessly click on “OK” again and again.

I agree on that fact that the system is protected from newbies in Vista this is definitely a good thing.
Example when I first had Windows ME (newbie) I managed to delete a System file. ;D
I admit this was a great learning experience after the initial panic :o
This would be very difficult in Vista.

The example of Windows explorer in Vista was just to show that not all process in Vista have Admin rights running in a Admin account.
CPF3 stores its config in the registry so it needs admin rights to save or write, and in a limited account in Vista you do not always have a UAC prompt asking for a password you just get refused.
Example System Restore prompt for password Device Manager refused.
I hope these problems are sorted in SP1.

My point is I CAN change settings in CFP as a limited user. So I should be able to import/export as a limited user as it is the same thing. Presumably the gui runs as a limited user but communicates to another process that has admin rights and can write to the registry. The import/export should do the same thing and work as a limited user and no problems with UAC.

if you use the new version of comodo it is not able to run on vista or window 7 but the old version 1.1 will

What the Hell ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Sorry for double posting, but your comment feels very absurd, no offense. The Only thing I get from your post is 1.1 ??? IS: WELCOME to 2009!!!

??? Er…most all the recent versions of [abbr=Comodo Interent Security]CIS[/abbr] should be able to run on Vista…1.1…that was a longgggggggggggggggggg timeeeeeeee agooooooooooooooooo… Now we are on versions like 3.5 88)

However, he is reminding me of something, there should be a post showing the History of all the CF/CFP/CIS releases