Rudra Third Generation Antivirus ?

Anyone used it ?


Sounds like Defense+ with some tweaks.

Cough what do you think of its video?

The guy at the end of it is a bit “creepy”. ;D

This pdf explains “how it works”:

What do I think of it? Well…it never really seems to say how it knows something is malware…it just “knows”. 88)

And on their “reviews” and “recommendations” page, I can’t find any info from reliable/well-known sources.

Their “Discussion Forum” really isn’t a forum.

Pretty lol that it doesn’t allow you to start up a program that is in the “temp” folder :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it is scam. 88)

Going to test it later. Then I’ll see if it works, and post my results on my blog. :slight_smile:

You won’t… they don’t offer trials… 88)


Oops. I guess not then. Lol.

or you should try to get one through the contact :
perhaps they’ll give you a test version if you say you want to do a Test against other products…


Hey guys, go to and click on “Banking and eCommerce” section. look at the guy wearing a black mask in the pic. This is a the same pic as the one on the front page of

Just some weird coincidence it seems!!! ;D…

O_and BTW this video [ ] is kinda annoying…

Actually, so far the Rudra contact people have been prompt and helpful. :THNK Maybe it is because no one else contacts them. Lol. ;D

I’m still having trouble understanding how Rudra identifies the good from the bad. This email tried to explain it, but it seemed a bit confusing:


Hi Jeremy

Thank you for your information.

I did observe the discussion at Comodo’s Forum, and guessed your email was probably a result of that discussion on Rudra.

Rudra (“Patent Pending” USPTO under PCT) provides holistic protection from Past, Present and Future viruses and all other malware, including spyware, ransomware, keyloggers, bots etc. Rudra does not use signatures, heuristics or virtualization.

Rudra uses the local computer as the “known” entity and identifies all malware in their “unknown” state, using a concept of “Localized Whitelisting”, i.e. all files, processes, events, user actions etc. of a local computer are monitored by Rudra. Unlike AntiExecutable, which freezes the computer state, Rudra allows the computer to continue in a dynamic state, adding files to its safelist continuously, and removing the malware.

Our technology stems from our core belief that there are two entities required for a malware to create damage – a computer and a malware. Unless all malware is identified and removed in the “unknown” state, protection cannot be effective, and proactive. To identify all malware in the “unknown” state, the only other entity, that is the local computer should be the known entity, and such a technology will be able to offer holistic protection from past, present and future malware, without any need for updates.

Our technology does not require the user to make a decision on whether a file is a malware - all such decisions are taken by Rudra, and we presume the user is a lay user.

To give you some examples of Rudra in real environment :

  1. User downloads and installs a new (safe) software on his system - Without any reference to the User, Rudra accepts all the files created into its “safelist” database (a confirmation is however sought from the user that he is indeed installing a new software, referencing the setup file)
  2. User installs and launches a virus file received on his email client software believing it to be a safe file - Rudra removes the virus file(s) from the hard disk and undoes any changes caused by the virus installation
  3. 54 new files are created in the hard disk as a result of Windows auto-update inside of a single time frame. Of these 50 files are valid update files and four are virus files. Rudra accepts the 50 valid files without reference to the user and automatically removes the four virus files, also without reference to the user.
  4. User visits an unsafe website, and a virus is downloaded in the system. Rudra removes the virus files without any reference to the user.

There is no computer user in the whole world who does not want to completely protect his computer from viruses. Rudra delivers this value. Rudra typically uses 0 to 4% Processor Usage on a contemporary dual core system, and there is no slow down of system during scanning. Rudra also completes its scan in a few seconds.



I’m not sure whether to trust this “Rudra” or not. They said that they would give me an evaluation copy soon…very interested.

You can always ask him to join the topic :slight_smile:


I’ll say that in my next reply. :slight_smile:

Awaiting their email

Holistic protection ??? what like marijuana!!!

“Our technology stems from our core belief that there are two entities required for a malware to create damage – a computer and a malware.”

What a line :slight_smile:

Wow…utterly amazed. ;D Just kidding.

(I think they forgot the 3rd: “the person/user”. The person has to buy and turn on the computer and connect to the internet, etc.)

New email:

Rudra does not use virtualization, and it does not run the file in an isolated environment and examine its actions. There is also no need for this as Rudra is not "heuristics based".

Rudra primarily identifies a file as safe or malware at the hard disk level. One of the primary basis Rudra uses is the “origin” of the file, that is what caused the file to be created / from where did the file originate from. In the case of the example given, Rudra will be able to identify the “safe” files from the “malware” files, based on the processes responsible for the creation of the files.

So if I understand

they’re looking for where and how the file got created. If it’s like 4 years old, it will be considered safe. If it’s a new one and changed a lot, it will be considered malware ?


I think its more like when installing it assumes that the PC is clean and then, for every file changes or when a file try’s to change something without the user permission it is malware. So if the computer is infected… Back to normal AV

thats almost as bad as Melih’s April fools video.

Yeah, the april fools video pretty much s*cked :slight_smile:


I liked it. ;D

Well (fanfare) the help guy who works at Rudra just sent me the download and two evaluation keys, each of which should last 15 days. :-TU