Rudra Third Generation Antivirus ?

So how is it doing ?


It sounds almost like they’re doing “profiling” of running processes, evaluating various factors (the source, what it’s doing, etc) to define it as malware or not. Not sure how that’s different from heuristics, other than perhaps they’re looking at different variables. ???

Interesting concept, just not sure how it works, especially without a pre-existing safelist, and no (or very limited) interaction from user.

Jeremy, please keep us posted on how it works. Interested to see how it does in the usability test vs CIS 3.9 as well.


Not only in usability tests, but also in malware tests…

Jeremy, if you need some malware to test it 88)


Jeremy, could you also make some screenshots/video please ? i would like to see it at work…


Personally, It sounds like everyone is catching on to Comodo’s View of Security…
but like movies and songs the first is always the best haha :slight_smile:

Norton is coming up with a project something like Comodo’s Defense+


Melih must really be loving this ‘new’ trend in other security products. :slight_smile:

Sorry…I just got home. :slight_smile: Away on a small “trip”.

I’ll start testing now…and I’ll get the malware from the malware research group. ;D

So why mark it as a bad site on WOT if you have not even tested it yet?

Because it looked very suspicious.

Results of first test:

(I haven’t finished “processing” the video yet, I’ll upload it to Youtube later.)

Rudra won’t install in my Window Vista SP1 OS. Said “OS Not Supported”. So I ran it in XP Compat. Mode. It installed then.

After a restart, it asked me for the Evaluation Code, which I entered. It was a bit slow starting up, but I can blame part of that on the slow VM.

It seemed like it thought everything I copied from my system to the VM was suspicious, and deleted it. Even the Sandboxie installer.

So I went to the Mal…Do…Li… (name not totally spelled out because of strict malware rules here) and downloaded the first .exe in the list and ran it. Wa la, Rudra crashed. And it asked me to “kindly clean the infections from my computer”. ???

So I will do some more tests on it if I’m able…but…currently it doesn’t look so good. :-\

Ok, here is the link to the video: - YouTube

Oh, one more thing I forgot to say: Rudra couldn’t be terminated by Task Manager, but CIS could kill it.

No video because

This video has been removed because it is too long. Regular YouTube videos must be 10 minutes or less.

“If someone rang your doorbell carrying an AK47, would you let them in?..” :smiley:

Jeremy, please split your video"s. Youtube only allows video’s shorter than 10 mins…


Oops. I guess that means I have to upload it again. ;D

Youtube part 1: - YouTube (Install.)

Youtube part 2: - YouTube (First test, more to come.)

Rudra seems pretty good ?


Depends…I think it will be hard for it to tell the good programs from the bad, if they both come from the same place. Plus, I’m not totally sure if the person I’m emailing knows much about his own product. ;D

Have you tried testing it against some FP’s ?


Sandboxie was a false positive…

I just tested it again, this time by stimulating a real-life environment and downloaded Sandboxie. Rudra deleted it again. I think its policy is to delete everything new in the system… :-\