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Why is there no mention in the review the serious problem users are having uninstalling this software? Serious like messing up the MBR making the computer unbootable. A good review points out the good and bad. This review reads like a Comodo promotion. Maybe it is.

Probably because the reviewer was lucky and it did uninstall correctly on his/her machine. It’s quite obvious that he/she did not go deep into trying, because he/she wrote that it’s a miss that only a single file can be recovered from a snapshot and not a complete folder. This proves they did not put all there effort in testing CTM, because if they would have looked more closely, then they should have found the “mount snapshot” feature with with you can browse trough a snapshot as if it is drive and copy files and folders from out of your explorer directly to any location on your hard drive.

We know your opinion but there is no need to spam each and every topic with it. You have your own topic and platform for the world to see.

Enough is enough.

I am not offering my opinion to you as the moderator. I am trying to get the word out to those that plan to make the mistake of installing this software.This is what you don’t get. You are more worried about me warning others of this dangerous software than having Comodo fix it or pull it. Don’t you think it would be a good and balanced review if it included the negatives of the product (which the last 2 reviews of this product “conveniently” omitted).
Your responses about my negative comments really frost me. You and others should be more interested and worried about ALL of the CTM users that are having their computers and data reined or lost than complaining about me trying to get the word out to those that plan to install this VERY dangerious product. Do you read these forums and all of the damage this softeare causes?!

No need to shout to me. You already have your topic for your concerns for the world to see. You have made your opinion abundantly clear.

What negatives? They installed it, took snapshot etc., uninstalled and wrote their review from those experiences.


This bug is NOT reproducible on all systems. Please don’t assume it is - At the moment for example, CTM works wonders on XP Systems, but some Windows 7 machines have the issue.

Please relax mate… The CTM is aware of the issue anyway and it’s been fixed for the next release. And by the way, you were offered help via PM by Doskey who is incharge of the CTM team. But you ignored that help and continue to post redundancy things here, which IMO is slightly arrogant.

I had 2 computers destroyed by this product. Both Vista. 1 32 bit, the other 64 bit. There is no secret that this software damages computers. Not all, only a fool would state that. It’s enough though that no one should install this. When a drug company has a drug that kills some, to they rationalize that it’s OK because it doesn’t kill everyone?
Comodo knows about the uninstall “bug” and has flat out lied that they fixed it in their last patch. Why?

Why didn’t you respond to Doskeys help in the first place and ignore his PM’s?

What was Doskeys help? Tech support started asking me questions which I answered everyone. Then they stopped asking without a solution. Was that the help you refer to?

Comodo Time Machine is based on same source code as other paid for products in the market (although we have improved that code base drastically).

By Comodo making this available for free, this really p*** off these companies…

So we do expect to get some very persistent “users” who will try to “discourage” people from CTM and advise them to buy the paid for version from those competitors. Understandable really.


Doskey PMed you with his contact information and you did not respond mate.

That is a flat out lie like most of the rhetoricfrom from Comodo.
below is his last PM from him. Which is nothing but generic ■■■■■■■■ babble. Uninstall from the Console? No S**it. This was after I explained that my uninstall (from the console) make my PC unbootable!! I told him I uninstalled from the console and how can I uninstall it again when my computer will not boot? I have responded to every PM from them. They stopped communicating to me when they ran out of lame ideas.

Hi Masterblaster.
I’m sorry for delay repay.
You can try to uninstall CTM in sub-console. Press HOME key during boot up. Or, if you have HOME on you laptop, you can try to press Fn+Up arrow. In sub-console, you can uninstall. After reboot, I think the laptop will be fixed.
Any questions, please send mail to me. I will answer to you on time.


This is also a flat out lie. Comodo licenses their engine from Rollback RX which is the same company now as EAZ-FIX. Both of these companies offer a full featured version of this software. Nothing like the stripped down unstable CTM that Comodo offers. Comodo has even called Rollback RX a 3rd party company compared to them. Once again a lie. They are the 3rd. party company that has taken a good engine and turned it into a piece of sh*t.

Melih, if that is true, why RollBack could be installed in Windows partitions using TrueCrypt (in other encrypted devices, not hiding a second OS in the free space of the system partition) and CTM can’t?
Are these the “improvements”? 88)

Indeed, many improvements, like being able to work with two disks etc.

bugs are being ironed out as we speak, soon we will have a very stable version which has more features than anyone in the market.


Looking forward to it’s release

Keep us posted Melih… :■■■■