Report Problems With Valkyrie File Verdict Service - 2022

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Please report here any problems you experience with Comodo Valkyrie.

Bug Reports for the Valkyrie Uploader should be put here.

Also do not report problems in which the Valkyrie final verdict does not match the automated analysis, which can be reported here or in which the file is found malicious by an analysts verdict but not by CAV, which can be found here.

I notice this on every malware binary i upload to valkyrie it says that camas analysis is not available.

There are no behavioural analysis being done !? whats the entire point of this valkyrie service if the machine learning doesnt detect anything ever and here are no behaviour analysis. 88)

I really loved it was awesome ! but without camas behaviour analysis i think comodo is lagging behind.

Hi avman

Behavioral analysis is done for all uploaded files on Valkyrie. Backend system is camas. There should be sone temporary problem. We’ll check these files. If you can provide a couple of hashes, that may help also.

From what I have seen we never have camas behaviour analysis…here are some samples.

I re analyzed some of the samples it seems camas is working now…but static and dynamic detectors final verdict is always unknown :-\

It takes a long time to analyze files, it does not work.

Hi megaherz33,

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.

Hi megaherz33,

The Valkyrie verdict system is working, please check.


It takes a long time to analyze files, it does not work.

1ffd257dbeca59bcf638927be6c2ac684642b84a wont get past static analysis.

When uploading files, seems to get stuck at ‘VALIDATING FILE…’

Again, problems with the site:

megaherz33, I split your post and merged it with this topic.

What problem are you experiencing? Is it specific for one browser or for several browsers?

Hey Guys,

Since signature recognition has been added, but the Human Expert analysis is still specified as CLEAN, I wanted to re-analyze the following file. Although the file has apparently already been uploaded to Valkyrie, a reanalysis such as a re-upload of the original file is not possible.

I always get an error message, which can be seen in the attached screenshot. This error also occurs with other files.

Advanced File Analysis System | Valkyrie

Hi pio,

Thank you for Reporting, We are checking in it.



files newly uploaded to Valkyrie no longer appear in my “Your Recent Analysis Requests” section.

Please take a look at this.


Best Regards!

Hello pio,

Thank you for reporting,We are checking in it.


Hi Dharshu,

works fine again! :-TU


Best Regards,