Remove PrivDog: To uninstall the adware


Comodo uses PrivDog right

Here is a Removal guide for it

Remove PrivDog: To uninstall the adware

Don’t understand german…PrivDog forum

what is funny is: Removing it will make your computer more of an adware :slight_smile:

“Remove PrivDog: To uninstall the adware”
that doesn’t really make sense… :o

I moved this to the PrivDog Feedback section, I didn’t find the help guide in the link to be worthy of being placed in the Help section. ;D

Removing Privdog will cause you to have
More Ads
More Trackers
More privacy breaches
More companies tracking your behaviour
and so on…

Hence…removing Privdog is more “adware” than keeping it :slight_smile: Very funny actually! :slight_smile:

I understand how it’s supposed to work, and tried to get it to work, but it did not so I un-installed it!

oh…lets get our guys to look into why it wouldn’t work so that they can fix it for you and our community. Its important to fix these so that everyone in the community can benefit from it.

Hi Laserfan,

We will appreciate if you could please provide following details:

  1. What exactly didn’t work?
  2. What web browser and version are you using?
  3. From where you got PrivDog, via CIS, installed using installer available on or received as part of Comodo Dragon?

Your feedback is valuable to improve product.


By removing adware you get rid of it.

I dont get adware anyway. So getting this one is more than normal.

Personally i find the installer of comodo as one of the “sneakiest” by design to let you run it without getting to customize it.

Sorry I have no interest in PrivDog. Now if you wanna talk why CIS lets Windows go to Sleep/Hibernate in the middle of a scan or something, or why you ditched Comodo Programs Manager, you have my interest.


Adware: provides ads…
removing privdog gives you more ads…
do you not see the irony?

I am still laughing so hard :slight_smile:

Sure would love to talk about CIS. Please create a new topic in the relevant board and PM me the link so that we can start discussing.

Privdog is adware. It provides ads.
I dont have ads without privdog, if i dont want to have ads.

About what are you laughing so hard?

If you want it to. If you don’t want it to it won’t…

I dont have ads without privdog, if i dont want to have ads.

About what are you laughing so hard?

It’s not the only kid on the block. What adblock solution are you using?

Pls count the no of ads you are receiving with and without privdog.
with privdog you are guaranteed to receive less ads as we don`t replace all the ads!

So, factually speaking you get less ads with privdog than not having it…

There are several levels to get rid of unwanted ads.

But if you read the text in the magazine it says:
Die nervige Adware PrivDog entfernen Sie nur mit einer ganzen Reihe von Tricks - auf herkömmlichem Wege lässt sich die Toolbar nicht loswerden.
The “going on the nerves” adware privdog can be removed only with a sample of tricks- on an usual way you cant get rid of that toolbar.

Its something that i would not want to have installed.
There is no irony with it.

Irony is calling it “adware” …while it reduces ads…

The article never states there are components still active. It only deals with inactive left overs (if active components would have been there you might have a problem erasing certain data as it may be held by the active process and would require to stop those processes). For me that is a misdemeanor and not a crime. It can be annoying but it is not uncommon in the world of software.

I just uninstalled PD using the uninstaller to uninstall just the IE part (as the article speaks about getting rid off the toolbar). After that the button and the add on are no longer in I.E… I am on Windows 8.1 x64.

The article is a making a mountain out of a molehill.

Hi clockwork,
I am assuming in the above quote we are talking about PrivDog bundled with the CIS installer.
PrivDog is not obscurely placed in the customize section of the installer, the options for PrivDog are in plain view during installation. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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