Well what can I say… I engaged some in the topic and tried talking to diselman some, since the guy is all over comodo and says the same stuff in several topics… Apart from previously telling me to shut a banana in my mouth instead of opening it he deleted/altered some of my posts in this discussion making my arguments go away (to some extent) and he told me very early that Arguing with him is the same as looking to get banned… The other mods was friendly however… what do you think, justified critic being brought up or a junk thread with a mod gone crazy? ;D :o

From what you’ve just said, it looks like Dieselman abuses his mod privileges in order to makes sure he never ‘loses’ an argument :o Is this what you mean?

Beanie, I don’t know about Monkey_Boy=) ,but that has certainly been my experience,and not
just with Diesel.
I joined there because I do like Matt’s reviews (I really prefer Languy’s),but it did not take long
to get enough.
They seem a closed community of old buddies,and really do not welcome new people.

(sorry put Mike instead of Matt,that is the edit.)

Tbh, I think Matt and some of the people who also frequent Wilders and the like are the only ones on there who REALLY know what they’re talking about.

EDIT: And the people who also frequent this forum, obviously :slight_smile:

Lol…of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

And about Dieselman…I’ll refrain from criticizing him. :stuck_out_tongue:

He said (among other stupid things) that it was sad for the CEO (Melih) of a security company to be banned from a security related forum (Wilders). I think Wilders is the sad one. They keep posting inaccurate and sometimes completely false statements so how can anyone trust them? All the stuff about toolbars too. Toolbars are not inherently evil, many people use them to simplify their browsing. If they are ad supported,who cares? You don’t have to use them. I’m still waiting for a definitive explanation of why the ASK toolbar is so bad.

I think Matt (Mrizos) should think about removing some of the “malware” from the forums on his site. It can’t be doing his reputation any good to be associated with that stuff.

I personally like the openess of these forums and Melih’s willingness to share his vision and goals and hope that he continues his communication with us. Sure CIS still has room for improvement, but so does every other security suite out there else why would there be new versions every year?

If I start a security forum focused on bashing Symantec and banned their CEO…who would you say was the sad one?

Of course this is an exaggeration to the Wilders/Melih thing, but then again, people at Wilders seem to dislike Comodo and its stuff.

I didn’t want to get bashed myself! :smiley: haha just kidding.

Am I right in thinking that Dieselman is Vettetech who used to be on this forum? What happened to him, I thought he liked Comodo :-\ ah well, you can’t please everyone.

99.99% sure they are the same. :smiley:

Vette wasn’t exactly a fanboy of Comodo while here…

Iam pretty sure they are the same as well, even if he is denying it…
People at wilders think they are the same: COMODO Firewall Pro Released | Page 10 | Wilders Security Forums

Vettec he has said that he is diselman as well (may be some joke, since I hasn’t read the whole thread but well here it is:);msg148727#msg148727

I think Diselman was extremely picky at least, and one of the other mod said that Diselmans threats where he told me that arguing with a mod is the same as looking to get banned doesn’t have any support in the forum policy that he is aware of… I personally don’t think Diselman is suited to be a moderator since he is misusing that and is letting his emotions get the best out of him…

I sent a PM/mail to Matt about diselman (A mod even encouraged me, and wrote that he could see that Diselman has been editing my posts but that there was little he could do)… I hope Matt have a talk to Diselman. Diselman is IMO acting very immature and his attitude that he removes whatever he likes breaking the rules or NOT is pretty much damaging to any “constructive” discussion.

Yes, Dieselman = Vettetech

Lets be honest here, he’s an ■■■. I’m not a member at remove-malware but i regularly read new posts etc over there and Dieselman has annoyed me many times with the way he acts towards other people and throws his weight around. Matt needs to do something about him.

Sometimes these smart mouthed guys can make for really funny reading.
It is even better when someone stands up to them.
You can almost see the shock on their faces.
The problem is almost all security orientated forums at least claim to help less advanced users.

Myself,when i need help,I tune out the sarcasm,and go where I thank I can get it.

I wonder how many, when faced with a Diecil,REDSOK,or similar bulldog type,
are afraid to even ask for help?

When somebody does stand up to them, the posts usually do not survive very long and that’s a very severe problem.

ehm guys, while it’s fun talking about ppl behind their back, it’s just not right…fun nevertheless, but not right…i guess…maybe…just a thought 88)

how about, instead of bashing other forum/ppl, you guys start a topic praising someone :-La
you can start with praising me,satisfy my ego,that should be fun…for me ;D


Pick the fights that are worth winning. This ain’t.

Fair enough… Some stuff is a bit “personal” and should not be discussed at least not without the person in question… But I don’t regret making the thread… I think the thread highlights something very important and I hope Matt listen and care some about the comodo community as well since I know many who kinda agree: A mod is using his powers to “steer” the discussion how HE wants… I know for a fact that Iam not alone with this thought since there is an other member there who I know somewhat well with similar “experiences”, I don’t think their Mods are too happy about how the moderation is happening either since an other moderator encouraged me to contact Matt (its like Ganda is telling me to contact Melih about Panic messing with my posts), and by looking at some posts here it seems like there are some in this forum with similar experiences as well…

I think its an issue when a forum is becoming to heavily moderated, I hope he loses his control over the comodo part of the forum at least, Since when talking his hate “issue” he is no longer respecting the forums rules (at least he wasn’t according to the rules I read and not according to an other MOD)… Ofc he should still be able to say his stuff… But the guy was removing my stuff EVEN when the stuff I posted was following every rule with the attitude “I can remove whatever I want” (yes he said that…)… I don’t think he is that suited to be moderating… :-TD :-TD He is not respecting the forum he is at with an attitude like that…

I know Matt is a reasonable human, and I hope there will be no more censorship and that us from comodo can have our say as well in “subjects” about CIS/comodo just like the KIS, Norton and OA “fanboys” are welcome to say their stuff without having their posts removed even when they are not against the rules…

But Iam probably hoping for to much… The “Internet security” discussions forums are becoming the most miserable communities around… We have Wilders, where every product and employees from every company is welcome, except comodo with guys like Melih… Wilders is also a place where they lock “most” comodo threads and tell us “stay on topic” while letting the same haters start offtopic discussions by posting over and over in every comodo thread to say “Melih fanboy toolbar softpedia…”… None cares whats “correct” and whats not, just the same sh*t repeated over and over, there is a saying “A Lie, Repeated Often Enough, Becomes Truth”… And its pretty much what is happening, the “toolbar” is not really a big thing, products has had it for years no big deal, uncheck it… But when CIS has it, chaos breaks out! The other “legitimate concerns” are also just “junk” so melih got banned? So there was a disagreement between softpedia and comodo but that issue is now solved?.. Anyhow apart from wilders we have calendar of update where they claim ASKtoolbar and safe-surf is the same (misleading users ftw), where they also act like a “little brother” to wilders and post the same “toolbar fanboy melih softpedia” stuff over and over whatever you talk about the same stuff is being brought up at these sites “toolbar fanboy melih softpedia” and some other junk thats irrelevant to the new CIS version. And most likely if you argue against it, you will get a warning.

Can anyone see the post i made that lead to my ban there? :slight_smile:


No, so presumably it was deleted?

I’ve had posts deleted there too.

Or maybe it never happened?

May I then suggest that this thread be locked? With the permission of the original poster, obviously.