Now why would you suggest that, just when it is getting interesting?

The best thing about this forum is the freedom of speech, unlike others I could mention.

Im with james, if it cant be discussed here then where? its been read 450 times in 2 days, ppl are interested.

Topic locked. It’s not really freedom of speech if the individual in question can’t respond here, is it?

I’ve been PM’d several times by several members to unlock this topic. Given the individual in question cannot respond to any criticisms posted here, it’s unfair to allow others to express their opinions of the individual in question.

Sorry, but no. IMHO it should remain locked. If you can convince other mods that reopening this topic serves a benefit to the members (other than providing a soapbox), while remaining open and equitable to all persons mentioned within the topic, then it can be unlocked. Until then, sorry, but no.