Release notification of ASG2.4 on 2015-06-25

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that the next evolution of Antispam Gateway will be available on 25 June.

Your new features (in amongst the improvements) are:-
Enhanced white-list and black-list creation capabilities
You now have a new management interface, accessible from ‘Create Whitelist Rule’ and ‘Create Blacklist Rule’ under your new top-level menu ‘Whitelist/Blacklist’. We’ll be leaving the existing Sender White-/Blacklist options and Recipient White-/Blacklist options as they were (for a little while longer) but your new rule-maker, which will look similar to the example screenshot, now allows for whitelist & blacklist rules to be created around a sender’s name, a sender’s reported domain, a sender’s sending server, a sender’s sending MTA or relay and the subject of the email. Wildcarding any of the fields using asterisks (*) and question marks (?) is fully supported so you can create any permutation that suits your needs.

If you want to create these highly granular rules you may want to investigate the sender’s email headers. Let’s look at the initial section of this mail header for example:-

Received: from [1x.x.1x.25x] by (envelope-from <zzzo[at]>)(ecelerity r(Core: with ESMTPid AA/58-56411-1E7D2855; Thu, 18 Jun 2015 09:38:25 -0500
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 09:38:25 -0500 (CDT)
From: AAAAAAAAA <zzzo[at]>
Reply-To: zzzo[at]
To: zzzzzz[at]
Subject: Learn how to blahblahblah

If you wanted to have all fields used you rule would look like:-

Where the first field in ‘Sender’ will be the sender’s name and the second part would be the reported domain. The ‘Received from’ field in the rulemaker is the first Received: from entry in the mail headers (reading the headers from bottom to top). The’ Received by:’ field in the rulemaker maps to the first Received: by entry in the mail headers (reading the headers from bottom to top). The Subject: field will then be the text as seen in the Subject line of the email and in the headers.

If you need any help with this new granular way of creating rules, it is available at asgsupport[at]

If you hadn’t noticed them yet, your users can whitelist and blacklist email senders directly from their private ASG logins under the Archive menu (you will need to have purchased a little archiving space to use this facility).

Also if you hadn’t noticed yet, you can review the complete details of any emails in the quarantine table prior to their release. You can review the plaintext source, the html source or the original view as seen by the email client by just clicking on the Show message button in your Quarantine container.
If you are not using Comodo Antispam Gateway yet, feel free to take up a no-obligation free trial from

That’s it for Q2 folks, we’ll be back in Q3 with a whole bunch of whizz-■■■■ features that we’ve been working on for a few months’ now. If there is a particular feature you need, please add it into the list here

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Thanks, be careful.
Are you spamming? I forwarded your email to me, with the same message, to our users. It got quarantined by ASG. :wink:


good job!

Hi All,

Quickie to let you know the release went live a little earlier today. Looking forward to your feedback…

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This one for KirillN, MaximD, AlexC - thanks for everything guys, may the force be with you