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Can we get a date or at least how much weeks are left for CAVS3?

End of june is the scheduled release for the beta, which shouldnt be very long (think cfp3 beta!) Ive heard all the team are doing now is manly gui work.

Thanks I hope this BETA is at least half as good as Kaspersky.

id expect it to be judging by the standard of the firewall

How about, Better then Kaspersky? :slight_smile:

Remember Traditional AV’s use Detection. We use Prevention AND Detection, Which will take place in CAVS 3.


If iam not mistaken by prevention you mean HIPS but Kaspersky also has a HIPS ans a very high detection. Its software i wont mind paying for but if CAVS is impressive ill happily switch.

HIPS= Prevevntion yes. Because it obviously doesn’t use signatures. However, Defense+ (HIPS) A-VSmart Technology (Antivirus, Antispyware, Antirookit, keylogger, etc) is probably the most powerful HIPS.

Thats relating too CFP 3. My point is, CAVS 3 will use similar technology.


Someday! :THNK

Someday is getting awfully close…:slight_smile:


Lets hope really close is really the end of June.

I’m getting excitement quivers!

I just won’t be satisfied with any AV out there unless its CAVS3. I tried CAVS2 and actually liked it, but the only problems with it was the HIPS, memory usage(I’m sure in the next release it will be much better!), and virus definitions.

I’ve tried AVG, Avira, Avast, and PC Tools. I liked Avira, but I didn’t like the fact that it detected several false positives on my PC, and it really just screwed up my computer, and I end up having to reformat. I really liked Avast, but it uses tons of memory while scanning, and you can’t schedule virus scans. PC Tools was just meh… I really don’t trust PC Tools…

And then AVG… BAH… I never had a AV that just used up memory and wasn’t even updating, scanning, but was being idle! Thats what the new 8.0 version does. I have plenty of memory to run these pretty products, but I don’t like it to go to waste. AVG has caused my system to crash, especially when I was working in Visual Studios, and Dreamweaver.

Right now I’m using Norton, thats from school. When CAVS3 is released I’ll gladly uninstall that.

I’m finally looking forward to a Antivirus I can rely on. (B)

If youre looking for an antivirus to rely on Norton is definately not it. I have alot of frustrating memories with that and when i usually tell people Norton is the worst they usually dont believe me until I tell them to google (worst antivirus). But anyways AVG’s update to 8.0 somehow seems like a rollback to me. I tried it for a week till it messed up my computer to the point where it was locking up my PC and I thought it was CFP3 and I just kept reinstalling it. My advice to you is to download Kaspersky or NOD and use their 30 day trial period until CAVS3 is released. I can gurantee if you get Kaspersky youll find loads of viruses Norton will never detect in their lifetime of destroying PC’s. (R)

I’ve never had problems with Norton, like what most people claim though. Really the only problem I have with it is the product doesn’t fully uninstall itself. I haven’t had any viruses. I scanned my PC with more than just Norton.

As for Kaspersky, I think thats incompatible with CFP 3?

If I uninstalled Norton, I probably would just go with out a AV until CAVS3 is released. Honestly, I haven’t had any computer problems for a very long time, and that was with Avira detecting and removing Viruses which were essential windows files. Ultimately, I didn’t have a system roll back, and had to reformat. I should have set the scanner to Quarantine the files, instead of removing them though.

Just wondering, can’t find anything recent in this beta board about an actual or guestimated release date, so I thought I’d start a new topic that specifically refers to the release of CAVS3(beta?). Any ideas?

As has been reported on numerous occasions, CAVS3 is scheduled to go to public beta testing around late June, with an estimated release version due July-ish. This is about as concrete as Comodo are going to get until it actually sees light of day.

Please remember, all software release schedules are published on sheets of silly putty, written in invisible ink and should be regarded as elastic. :wink:

…and elusive.

Be patient guys :slight_smile:


haha, that’s a good answer javascript:void(0);, thanks. I like Comodo products, but I am running vista on two x64 systems. I’ll keep checking back.

Me too (:NRD) :BNC