Before creating a new bug report be sure to read through the following list.

[ol]- Only bug reports for latest version of CIS are currently being accepted:
Bug reports for older versions of CIS are no longer being accepted. Thus, if you are experiencing an issue with an older version please upgrade to the most recent version by following the advice I give in this topic and see if the issue still exists with the newest version.

  • Make sure bug has not already been reported:
    Before creating a new bug report please first make sure that someone has not already reported the issue you are experiencing. Reports which have already been forwarded to the developers can be found here. If your issue has already been reported you do not need to create a new report. Just add a comment to the end of the bug report which has already been created.

  • Put report in required format:
    When creating a bug report always put your report in the required format. This will ensure that the developers have enough information to successfully reproduce, and fix, the issue you are experiencing. The format, and instructions on how to use it, are given here

  • One bug per topic:
    Only put one bug per topic. If you have experienced multiple bugs, and none have already been reported, create a separate topic for each bug. This is necessary for tracking purposes.

  • Useful resources for bug reporters:
    A list of resources, which may be helpful when creating your bug report, can be found here