Re: Comodo - CIS 8.x Localizations (incl. CCE/KS/Autoruns)

Hi all.

Please, the guy who is translating CIS into ptBR language, review the translation because there are some typos that are grothescs on the translation. Some pontuation mistakes as well. If help is needed, please dont hesitate to contact me. I can help (just dont have much time to do so, but what I can do I will do).

Please, take a look at the translation because there are some typos and grothescs mistakes on that.

Translated: Por favor, de uma olhada na tradução pois existem alguns erros de linguagem e erros grotescos na tradução.

Yro, please discuss this in Discussão sobre a tradução do CIS 6 em PT-BR. This topic is only for submitting translations.

If 20+ people start to discuss the intricacies of translations in this topic it will become an incomprehensible mess.

Aponte os que viu. O restante darei uma olhada.