Re: Comodo 1st or 2nd? Voting at Matousec.

I can.

Instead of looking at this pointless poll, surely it is much better to publicize the results of the Proactive Security Challenge? The news item about the latest tests on June 20 says:

Comodo Internet Security is still the only product that reached the perfect score against the latest set of tests.


+1 :slight_smile:

I cannot agree that the poll is pointless. The higher Comodo is there the more popularity it has the more money Comodo earns on their paid products. That’s some sort of goodhearted reimbursement from Comodo’s free users. I know that even some paid users do that.

NOD32 (24.23%)
Comodo (24.22%)

NOD32 (24.26%)
Comodo (24.26%)

On the par. I ain’t being allowed to vote for almost a week. They have spiteful memory. :slight_smile:
Anyway everyone sees COMODO.