Re: Comodo 1st or 2nd? Voting at Matousec.

Voted, keep voting guys ;D


Three more votes are added through Conceal My Donkey :wink:.
COMODO is the first for now.

Comodo (24.15%)
NOD32 (24.13%)

So keep voting!

Jacob already posted this poll from Matousec, it just got burried in page 3. I think this post should be merged with that one:

This poll is going on for quite awhile, wonder when they gonna announce the results. Comodo was top for long time and I see that it still is. I’ve voted many times for CIS in this poll but then it got burried by other posts and I forgot about it.

when u went to, sometimes comodo is 1st and sometimes nod32 is 1st. so if ur ip changes when u disconnect and connect internet, vote more…


NOD32 & Comodo who will win?


This is a cheating poll.
Its not good when 1 user can vote more than once.

I can imagine all COMODO forum users voting many times, competing against only 1 nod32 developer voting and voting against all of us. :smiley:

Not cheating, just pointless… :wink:

i know one vote for one user. but if comodo wins then it will be helpful for the comodo any way…may be they can sell more certificates…and CIS will be improved…

Right! That whas the word. :wink:

If you really want to help COMODO, you (and everyone else) should vote here:;msg545079#msg545079

On the contrary - satisfaction of users increases the product rating. It’s not a statistic poll - “How many users this product have?”.
NOD32 (24.19%)
Comodo (24.18%)

Keep voting people, it’s really close atm.

Hmm even doesn’t help to go to the poll - it’s closed for me for now. Maybe there exist some other ways, who knows?

Guys it would not be the first time that “smart” admin’s of a website exclude votes that are made from a proxy!

Comodo (24.22%)

NOD32 (24.16%)

Vote, vote, vote :slight_smile:

Then NOD32’s votes must come to zero! I can’t believe that this paid product has an army of devoted supporters constantly voting for it.