Re: Comodo 1st or 2nd? Voting at Matousec.

comodo and nod32 are the top two…vote more and make comodo 1st…

on the right side…poll…



Comodo is the best!

I gave my vote already. :-TU

I am just testing CIS 5.8. Comodo Antivirus is much better in the new version!!!
It uses less ram!!!
I voted for Comodo (:LOV)

Voted :wink:

Voted for Comodo :slight_smile:

Only one half of my favourite is listed…wonder why 88)

Did say favourite and not the one i use :stuck_out_tongue:


p.s. Why Matousec do free for all polls like this is beyond me!!!

Voted. 5.8 is working great here.

Voted :smiley:

Voted :■■■■

see that site, now comodo is in 1st place…because of all the votes…comodo rocks!

Then I believe the topic of this post should be changed to “Comodo is in 1st place”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this link is more accurate for the guys voted

See what happens, word of mouth is the best advertisement. :wink:


100% correct!

again comodo is in 2nd place…i think nod32 is competing with comodo…vote more guys…

I added one more vote through HideMyAss.
By the way COMODO is the first again.

+1 :rocks: