Hey,i have this computer which i don’t really use because its pretty slow… i’ve tryed everything on it, iv’e done disc clean ups, defrags registry cleaning, you name it… and its still slow, i know it specs are pretty low but i was wondering what i need more, i only want the computer so i can chat to my friends and stuff, not for gaming…

I have done a bit of research and learnt that the RAM and CPU arn’t that great on my pc

i have 375mb RAM
and a 1.70ghz processor

would my computer run fine and still ok for basic uses if i were just to upgrade the RAM to say, about 2gb.
I think i’d struggle to install a processor because it sounds complicated, plus i can’t even get the fan case off my processor ! :stuck_out_tongue: anyway what would i need more

RAM or a new Processor aswell as RAM?

What Operating system is it running?

It must be Pentium4 CPU and 256mb+128mb RAM(pretty much old).
The OS is Windows 98 or XP.
In your situation, +128mb ram will give you better performance.(total 1Gb gives you much better, but you don’t need 2Gb)
You don’t have to upgrade your CPU.

get 128mb or get 128mb+512mb or replace your old ram to 1Gb(512mb+512mb or single 1gb)
Don’t forget you have to buy same type of ram.
You can only find used one…

Yeah, im using windows XP, so when you say i have to buy the same type of RAM do you mean like corsiar because thats what make my current one is… So if i buy 1gb RAM, that should be enough and is this ok


BTW thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Don’t wanna sound like a Linux fanboy (I’m not one of em). But if you’re not planning to play modern games, consider installing Ubuntu Linux.


This way you’ll have a modern and free operating system which is light, fast, USER FRIENDLY and not as virus prone as windows (you don’t even need an AV for it)

You’ll have a free Office Pack (Open Office), you’ll be able to contact with your friebnds with multiprotocol IM cliens such as Empathy or Pidgin. Skype is also available for Ubuntu and is easy to install :wink:

Just try it :slight_smile:

About RAM : You should buy the same type, for example DDR2 and same speed, for example 533 MHz. Same brand is advisable :slight_smile:

You can’t use that Ram.
Your motherboard doesn’t support DDR2, DDR3.
You can only use SDR or DDR or RDRAM.(it depands on your Motherboard, some of them used SDR or DDR or RDRAM at that time)
Please check your system with following program and upload your screen shot.


1.install it.
2.run Everest Ultimate.
3.go to ‘Motherboard’
4.go to ‘SDP’
5.make a screen shot about that information.
6.post the screen shot please.

To the post of Cocktail.

Well, (for example) my experiences with Ubuntu were not as good as i counted on. Related post if interested.

By the way, is it your REAL photo on avatar, Cocktail ? ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

Creasy i downloaded it, here is the screenshot, sorry i’m a bit late replying, i had internet issues >:(

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ll also vouch for ubuntu. With that system your not going to be playing any gfx intensive games.
Also as cocktail said before, it’s light and you won’t have to install an AV. You can browse the net, email, IM etc.

cool, if i installed linux would i lose all my music and programs etc… ? i only want my PC to run youtube videos a bit smoother at the most, and load pages faster and stuff any more tips or advice?

You would lose them, but if you back them up you should be able to get them again.

I personally don’t use any Linux OSes because a lot of stuff I like only runs on Windows.

Also you have to get used to a whole new thing. I’m so used to Windows that I was quite surprised when I tried Ubuntu.

I stopped using it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to buy PC2700 DDR SDRAM.(PC3200 will be fine, if your motherboard supports only PC2700,
PC3200 works as PC2700 without any problem)

Your ram.
manufacturer: Kingston
memory type: PC2700 DDR SDRAM
manufacture date: 2004

You need to buy same manufacturer and type.
Don’t forget!You can’t use DDR2, DDR3.
Upload your ‘motherboard’ information screen shot from Everest, because some type of motherboard
doesn’t support the single sided chip of memory. We have to make it sure.

Where are you from? UK?
And then I’ll recommend you proper websites or exact model of ram.

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Have a look here:- http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Memory/DDR/?p=cF9zdHlsZT1saXN0JnBfcHJvZHVjdHNQZXJQYWdlPSY=

What motherboard do you have? some are only able to take single sided Ram in one of the slots.

That reminds me…when I opened up my laptop it (the label on the memory) said the memory was “DDR2” but Everest said it was “DDR”. :-X

Ok I got images of info on the motherboard, and yeah im from UK so i can get DDR. Will like 1g of RAM DDR still run smoothly like will it not struggle running youtube videos or whatever. so would something like this be ideal?


[attachment deleted by admin]

You can watch it but the problem will be HD format videos, you need to upgrade CPU too.
Your motherboard supports up to PC2100 but PC2700 works fine as you see.
Upgrade RAM first.
And then if you have any slow, after upgrade RAM, upgrade CPU.

512 MB PC2700 DDR RAM X 2 =1 GB
Samsung or Kingston.

DFI p4m266a-mlv
You can check the specification about your motherboard.
Go to here and check the information inclduing ‘Cpu Supports’

Manual for your motherboard:

Thanks, is upgrading the CPU easy? it sounds hard, when i opened my PC i could get the fan case of the CPU :stuck_out_tongue: so is that RAM i linked ok? oh and will it run browser games smoothly too, like runescape (dont laugh at me ^^ ) Thanks a lot for your help i’ve learnt alot from you :smiley:


is that RAM i linked ok?
No it's not. You need PC2700.(you linked PC3200)

512 MB PC2700 DDR RAM X 2 =1 GB
Buy Samsung or Kingston.

go to following link and check the price.

You must be careful!
Do not buy ‘DDR SO-DIMM’! DDR SO-DIMM is only for the laptop not for the desktop.

oh and will it run browser games smoothly too, like runescape (dont laugh at me ^^ )
Yes it will but not all of them.
Thanks a lot for your help i've learnt alot from you :D

Not at all.

Thanks alot man, my CPU is intel Celeron, 1700 MHz (17 x 100) 478 pin, and when i search on scan.co.uk for CPU’s intel celeron ones i only find one that is for a laptop, will it have to be celeron? i know its probably dumb to ask but would my motherboard support like a dual core processor? or the one i have now is intel celeron, if i was gonna upgrade does it have to be intel celeron or can it be like intel pentium4 ?

you motherboard doesn’t support dual core.

or the one i have now is intel celeron, if i was gonna upgrade does it have to be intel celeron or can it be like intel pentium4 ?
You should buy Pentium4.(Celeron is too slow)

OEM CPU and a separate Heat Sink Fan is required/purchased.

But if you can find Pentium4 2.8g 533, 2.8g 533 will be better.