Thanks would that fit my motherboard perfectly?

I’m going to buy these two, firstly the RAM to see how it goes from there


Is this ok if i buy 2 of these?

It’s ok.

About the heat sink fan, how do i know which one to get, confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Call the shop before you buy it.
You need to make it sure.

Buy Intel genuine cooler for your CPU.(it’s very cheap $5~$10 something)
Just tell them your CPU model. They will tell you they have the cooler or not.
Otherwise, you can find other shop.

would this do, i know my processor is 478 socket, thats all did some looking up on google and found this… would this be what am looking for ?


That’s not the genuine Intel cooler.
The genuine Intel cooler is cheaper than normal cooler.

You must this about this.
Because you don’t know when your motherboard goes to the death.

I strongly recommend this.
For your new PC.

1.CPU:Intel Pentium Dual-Core, E6300 £55
(E5300 is cheaper then E6300, but it doesn’t support Windows 7 XP mode.If you don’t want to
use Windows 7 XP mode E5300 is ok)
2.Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L £33
3.RAM: DDR2 1G PC2-6400U CL6 X2 =£34(2GB in total)
4.Graphic Card:Nvidia GT220 =£ 55
5.ODD:DVD-RW £20
6.Power: £10
£207 in total.

Sell your old PC as Used PC.(except HDD, CD-ROM, Case)
You can save the money.
I think you only need to spend £150~160.
What do you think?

Why are you recommending him a high end gfx card? he only wants to watch youtube etc…

220GT is not a high end card.
It’s just a common card and cheap(sure… there are more cheaper cards. He said he wants to play some browser games. Some of browser games require a proper VGA)
Also he can use on-board VGA if he doesn’t want to spend more money for his VGA.
That’s why I’ve recommend him GA-G31M-ES2L.
It’s up to him.

There are some disadvantages with on-board VGA.
2.Some games doesn’t support it.
3.You have to bring it to the repair shop or manufacturer, if you have a problem with on-board VGA chipset.
4.It eats your physical memory.

So, I recommend the separated VGA 220GT.
(£20 difference between 220 and 210)
But I’m not 100% sure, because he should tell me how much money he can spend for the PC.
It just a virtual estimation.

Well, Here in AUS it’s around $100
Could easy get a card for $50 or so, which would be fine for what he needs…

On my spare PC I have a real old, ATI 300x card, 128mb. I can easily play flash games etc with no video lag. (can even play L4d, lowest settings of course. haha)

I also agree that on-board are not very good…

Yeah… I tihnk we need some more information about what he wants to do, more specific, and of course a $$$ limit.
Lately computer prices have been very cheap compared to what they used to be.

LoL, so creasy would u reccomend all that just for a decent computer? i might aswell just buy a new one because i wouldn’t be able to afford all the probably, i’m only 16 y.o lol :stuck_out_tongue:

16 years old?
forget about all of them. ;D

Hehe, i do have a bit of knowledge on it though, i am in college doing IT, i have learnt how to open a PC, how to fit some PC components like RAM and HDD and Graphix cards. I could probably do a CPU (hopefully :P) i get £30 a week in my bank for going to college (something to do with the education) i am intrested in buying some components i just need the help on what to buy and you have helped a lot.

Heres a pic of my motherboard


Do you think ill be fine with 2 of these


this processor you linked


and the fan when i find one

btw, my motherboard type is mini atx isn’t that like wat laptops use

It will be fine.
Also you can check following links.

If you can find Pentium 4 HT 3.06G FSB533, this will be better.

When you install CPU, you need thermal compounds(thermal grease).

cool thanks do u reckon ill be able to run flash games and videos without any problem then mate, maybe ill get the g card to after i get the cpu and ram, i just need help finding the fan for the procesor

I’m gonna find a fan.



This one.
‘thermal compound is pre-applied’

thanks mate, will this work then with my CPU