Questions about Import/Export configuration [Merged Threads]

What exactly does this import cover? Does it have all the settings that I have allowed and such or does it just save the Defense+ in Training mode and such? Also, I was wondering if it saved all the settings on this pc and I moved these settings to another 1 of my pc’s will it have some of the same programs allowed like this 1 so it saves me the time of allowing or do I have to set them all over. Figured I would try out Defense+ in Training mode like it was suggested in 1 of my other posts.

Just wonder if we should create our rules again or just simply import the configuration.

Any Idea ?

With the significant changes in some of the Predefined Firewall Policies, I did mine over again. Others report that their imported ruleset is working fine so far. To be cautious, you might export the default ruleset you get with .276 before you import your previous .273 ruleset. You can even do an “import as” and a “select” so you can try them both, go to creating the rules again if you have a problem.

I made the mistake of importing my rules before saving the default settings. Can any one post or PM me the file?

I was wondering if it were possible to use someone else’s saved configuration. The configuration file is mostly unreadable, but I did notice that there are directory structure details that look like they would only allow it to be used on my own computer - or one that has the same directory tree. I imagine that the registry would cause similar problems. It would certainly be handy if there were a way to post a rule so that it could be imported somehow without the user needing to navigate the menus and click on all the right spots to get the rule created.

Unfortunately, they aren’t compatible with v3.

I think I will keep the configuration .


I would like to reinstall CFP3, how can I export the network security policy and import it back ?


Double click on the Comodo Firewall Pro icon to open the interface then click:
Miscellaneous > Help > Miscellaneous Overview > Manage My Configurations





After you have imported a configuration, to make it active, you need to click SELECT and choose the imported ruleset.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I did a clean install (the whole hog !) in order to get Firewall plus Leak Test option.
Now if I import my previous configuration, will this nullify the Leak Test protection ?

Under Manage Configurations I now have ‘My Firewall Prefs’ ticked instead of
Comodo Network Security which includes Leak Test protection.

Please advise. Thank and regards.

Apologies for bumping, but confusion reigns.
After a clean install opting for only Firewall and Leak Protection, Defence
Plus was set to inactive. Yet in the settings it was set to Clean PC mode
and I received some pending files as D+ was learning.
My question…

  1. Are these the correct settings despite having only opted for the Firewall
    and Leak Protection ?
  2. Will the Leak Protection remain active if I disable and deactivate D+ ?
  3. The old settings were imported to 295 as ‘My Firewall Prefs’. Will that
    in anyway ‘override’ anything leak - protection - wise ?

Edit: If the answer to 1) is ‘Yes’, would I revert to these settings
by seleting Network Security under Manage my Configurations
>Select ?

Defense+ is the only component in V3 that provides leak protection, so if you disable it you won’t have any leak protection.

I guess you can safely switch to train w/safe mode if you don’t want to deal with pending files. Your special settings for leak protection should not be changed in this case.

I am wanting to create an exported file of all firewall settings.

I have found ‘Manage My Configurations’ under the ‘miscellaneous’ tab.

I then select ‘Export’ and then ‘Comodo - Optimum Security’.

It then prompts me save the configuration to a file but it does not let me know what file extension to use. I tried .xml but it did not work.

What is the file extension I should use and shouldn’t this dialog have the extension already selected?

Extension oesn’t matter. I use .cfg, but take your choice. If you are using Vista and it won’t export, turn off UAC. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Just want to point out that you don’t need to use any file extension at all.


On a related note, can we use our exported config on another pc? Like if I export a config on my XP Pro pc can I import it on my XP Home pc? Its just a fresh start export in case I need to revert back to a fresh install scenario.

Yes. You can use the same configuration on another PC, as long as both of them are using the new version or an older one.
Just rememeber that it’ll import all the rules for the other computer, so click Purge in the Network Security Policy and in the Computer Security Policy if you have programs that’s either not installed, or not using the same paths :wink: