Questions about Import/Export configuration [Merged Threads]

Any good reason why Comodo couldn’t make CFP v3 store its configuration in an XML file to make end-user maintenance easier?

Thanks for the info :■■■■

let me get this straight. if i export my current settings, will it save it in a file where i could import it later on if i had to reinstall the firewall for example.

also, would it save everything like policies and the trusted software vendor list?


It will save all of your settings as a single file that can be imported later. There is an “import as” so you can give it a name like set_0224 and toggle between that and the newly installed settings by using “select”. This allows you to try out new features and settings, revert back to your old settings as desired. :slight_smile:

I too used the Export feature to save my Config file and did the Import, but; my Comodo is acting the same as if I had not saved the Configuration file and imported.

Should it not follow the same settings as from my previous version, that was v3.0.15.277, now is v3.0.18.309.

OH! I did not save mine to any extension, just used a name that related to my previous version. I presume it will import to a title that Comodo can use.

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Try using an “import as” and a “selet” for the settings you want to use. You can use any name you like for the import. You should be able to see your imported firewall rules and settings to verify success.

Thank you for this information “sded,” but; with all of my other problems with this system this has turned very minor. I am just going through all of the 'Comodo is learning . ." PopUps and clicking the OK button. Do not have the time to mess with the other part any longer.

Thank you for reading my messages and giving some HELP,

I intend to uninstall and do a fresh install of rather then use the update.

Reason is I understand that the latest version affords more protection that can only be obtained by a fresh install or a lot of work that I just don’t feel confident in doing.

I am not sure if this new protection will be in effect if I import the configuration from I’ve made no radical changes to the default settings other then adding all the applications on my computer.

If I can import at what point do I do so. That is to say before I reboot after install or after I reboot?

If not then I will start from scratch…

oops wrong board, sorry about that, I’ll just reinstall and start over - S.

Hi Stanr

The installer of 320 will uninstall 309 and then you will need to reboot and do a fresh install of 320. Yes it is worth the trouble of going to 320. If you have made no radical changes to the default settings and if your PC is clean then you can just let Defense+ learn your apps again. I find this is often easier and safer than export / import. If you want to export your config, do it before you make any changes and then after the install is all done and settled down from the popups you can import it.