PT-PT translations for CMS

In my opinion when Comodo suport PT-BR should automatically suport PT-PT - and WHY??? This is crazy and a lack of acknowledge about the Portuguese language!!!

You don’t know what you are saying!

Since when the pt-BT is similar for pt-PT???

And even after the AO 1990 is impossible to join both pt-PT and pt-BR.

The differences are bigger and even we don’t have words that exist in yours dictionary.

I DON’T AGREE WITH USING ONLY ONE pt to represent the Portuguese language

Should exist the pt-PT to represent the Portuguese language and the pt-BR to represent the Portuguese (Brasil) only.

DON’T “ASSASSINATE” the Portuguese language.



Translation is done by volunteers. When there is no translation for the language it does not mean that the language does not get acknowledged. It simply means there is no translator.

If you would like to contribute to PT-PT please contact helderfp who is the lead translator. More details can be found in CMS-Translations.